Fall Makeup Trends

With fall officially here, it’s time to start incorporating a couple of new beauty products and color schemes into our daily makeup routine. You’ll want to begin by including browns, golds, reds, and mauves into your arsenal. This will be easy as pie, especially when I have come up with a list of five of my favorite fav trends!

Nars Lipstick 2 Nars Lipstick

(Liv Audacious Lipstick by NARS, $32,

Dark Shades
Dark lips are a big trend every fall season. By applying a dark shade on your lips, it makes them the focus of your face, which is a plus for my divas with fuller lips. One of my favorite lip shades this season is Liv Audacious Lipstick by NARS. It’s great for the girls out there who aren’t completely comfortable wearing a brown, black, or even dark red shade.

Stila Eyeshadow

(Magnificent Metals Foil Finish in Comex Gold, $32,

Gold Eyeshadow
There is nothing wrong with wearing gold shimmery eyeshadow all season long; in fact, we recommend it! It brightens up the eyes and makes them seem larger than they are. It is a natural color, so you can use it every day with any outfit. I recommend grabbing Magnificent Metals Foil Finish in Comex Gold by Stila. It’s a great color that will be sure to earn you compliments all day.

Mauve Eyeshadow
Mauve eyeshadow is great for the fall, especially one with a red tone. What I like most about it is that you can pull it off as a neutral color and pair it with any color lip. There are three eyeshadows by MAC that will have anyone pulling off this look: Sketch, Cranberry, and Beauty Marked.

Too-Faced Bronzer

(Beach Bunny Bronzer, $30,

Bronzers and Highlighters
I rarely recommend using blush during the fall, since it is much more of a spring and summer staple. This season, you’ll want to stick with bronzers and shimmery highlighters to really sculpt your features and make them pop. Using a peach or tan colored bronzer gives you great color, and it’s not overly dramatic. Two bronzers that are just perfect for this job are Beach Bunny Bronzer by Too Faced and Glow-Boosting Sun Glow Bronzer by Physicians Formula, and both would pair nicely with Cindy-Lou Manizer Highlighter, Shadow, & Shimmer by TheBalm.

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