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Enhancing Your Natural Beauty With Cate McNabb Cosmetics

When it comes to enhancing and improving your natural beauty, doesn’t it make sense to take the, well, natural route? The creators at Cate McNabb Cosmetics think so. Their line of cosmetics, ranging from eye shadows, blushes, foundations, and more, contain mineral-based ingredients for gentle, effective coverage to make you look and feel radiant. Their eye shadow, blush, and foundations come in both loose mineral powder and creamy forms for blendability. Not sure where to start or which shades are best for you? Cate McNabb offers Starter Kits to find your perfect foundation shade, and Makeup Kits for blue, brown, smoky, and cat eyes. Plus there are tons of tips, tricks, and video tutorials on their website for beginners to learn from and regulars to expand their skills. Polish off your look with their easily applicable gel eyeliner, mascara, and one of many shades of lipsticks, stains, and glosses.
Below we chat with the spokesperson of Cate McNabb about their favorite products from the line, events for 2014, and why mineral ingredients are so important.

Cliché: Tell us a little about your products.
Cate McNabb Cosmetics: At Cate McNabb Cosmetics we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating full-coverage cosmetics that offer Pure Glamour—from a flawless, natural face to a smoldering, smoky eye—using natural, mineral-based ingredients that are good to your skin. Our first products were hand-made in small batches and tested by professional makeup artists. These first-of-their-kind cosmetics are gentle on skin, allowing pores to breathe, and accentuate your unique beauty while providing full coverage and highly pigmented colors. Something really unique about our line is that all of our foundations, eye shadows, blushes, and bronzers come in both Loose Mineral Powder and Cream to Powder—in every shade!
Why are mineral ingredients so important?
Our entire line, from foundation to eye shadow, is highly saturated, but still lightweight and breathable—even for those with sensitive skin! Our mineral ingredients do not penetrate the skin or clog pores and do not contain fillers or perfumes.
Do you have any tips for girls who are unsure about what kind of makeup/color palette is right for them?
Warm skin tones should stay with warm tones, neutrals with neutral tones, and olive with olive tones. Be sure to read the descriptions of the shades you are picking out! The great thing about our line is we offer a starter kit for $10 so you are able to find your perfect shade. We will send you three shades of foundation, a blush, and a bronzer to match your skin tone and give it a try before you commit to your full size foundation shade.
What’s the best makeup look for the day? And night?
The best makeup looks for the day is something that compliments your natural skin tone and eyes. Blue eyes need to stick to warm shades, while brown eyes need to find darker colors that make their eyes pop. For nighttime transition, pick two different tones in your pallet to give your eyes some deeper definition. The smoky eye is always a go-to for nighttime looks.
What are your favorite products from the collection, and why?
Cate McNabb gel eyeliners are one of our favorites. The incredibly long-wearing gel eyeliner comes in fun shades—Black, Brown, Navy, Copper, Emerald, and Amethyst. It also has a built-in brush for flawless application!
Any events on the horizon for 2014 we should look out for?
Check out our Facebook page and for our events calendar. We will be traveling nationwide during 2014!
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