Cut the Cost of Your Beauty Routine

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Have you ever wondered how you can cut the cost of your beauty routine.  If you are a lover of trying all of the newest in skincare and beauty, then you might notice that your bank balance can take a pounding. While there is a lot of love to be given to some of the luxury brands, you can cut the cost of your beauty routine. Without compromising on quality. 

Cut the Cost of Your Beauty Routine

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If you have found a face cream or a lip liner that is your perfect match, then buy it in bulk. Make sure that you have checked the dates on the bottles, and that you are buying products that can be stored for a while before you do this. 

It has happened to many people where they find an amazing formula, only to find that within a year or so, they can’t find the product on the shelves anymore. You can grab extras when the item goes on sale, or you can find them online with multi-buy deals. 

If you won’t be switching brands, you can save money in the long run by stocking up. 



Cut the Cost of Your Beauty Routine

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Although having a range of color choices is quite lovely unless you are using each color more than once a week, you aren’t getting value for money. If your palette is costing $56 a time, but you are only using four staples and sometimes branching into the other shades, it’s time to reconsider. 

See if you can buy individual pots of the colors that you use or a dupe from another brand that sells singles. 

And you can check out companies that do cheaper palettes, often dupes like those from Revolution Beauty. They often have discounts available on


Getting your nails done professionally is a wonderful luxury. But consider how much you could save if you learned to do them yourself. Almost everything that a professional nail technician uses can be purchased online. And you can head to YouTube to help you learn how to use everything properly. 

There are hundreds of free tutorials for gel, shellac, polygel, and acrylics too. Over time you can get very good at giving yourself the perfect nails. 

Save or Splurge

Cut the Cost of Your Beauty Routine

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Skincare is a place that you don’t want to cut corners, and in order to make that balance out, you could cut back on things like mascara or lipsticks. A key thing to do here is to spend some time looking for dupes for the makeup that you use. It is more likely that the ingredients in your skincare can’t be matched, but makeup formulas can be. 

Learn the active ingredients in your skincare products and what they do. This will give you the opportunity to see if a brand like The Ordinary or Inkey List has a dedicated product that will work for you. 


Many people use way too much product. When you really only need to use a small amount of any skincare product. Here is a quick guide:

  • Cleaners – just a raspberry sized amount
  • Moisturizer, night cream, oils – blueberry sized amount
  • Eye cream a pomegranate seed-sized amount
  • Retinols and serums two pomegranate seed size
  • Sunscreen a cheery sized amount

So if you are using more than those sizes, you aren’t going to see the benefit, but you will feel the financial cost. 

Beauty Supply Stores

Drugstore prices are brilliant, but you can find even better value if you join a beauty supply store. They don’t always have the same brands in, so don’t rely on them for your favorite lipstick (here is where buying in bulk makes a difference). They do have a great range of products, though. 


If your current beauty routine is one you have been using for years, you might find better results by switching it up. Not only that, but our skin changes over time, and you might need more dedicated products. Think about what skin issues you want to target and invest your money in ingredients that are proven in that area. 


For every expensive item, you have, have a cheaper dupe as a stand-in. So that you are only using the more expensive items for dressing up, or when you want to feel the luxury. The dupes are cheaper to replace and better for everyday wear.  This works for perfume too. 

Learn To Make It

There are some things that you can make in your home. Hair masks, facemasks, lip balms, and body scrubs can all be made with a few ingredients from your kitchen cupboards. The natural ingredients are kind to the skin, and they cost much less per use and to make in general. 

A few small changes can have a huge impact on how much you are spending on your beauty routine. 

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