Graphic Designer Creates “Arkive” Interactive Installation to Preserve Historical Memories

Fengyi Liu

Renowned graphic designer Fengyi Liu has developed a groundbreaking project Arkive, an interactive installation aimed at preserving historical stories that have otherwise faded away with time.

The concept behind Arkive originated from Liu’s observation of successfully resurrecting various artworks using 3D reconstruction techniques. This remarkable experience fueled his motivation to design a digital ecosystem where individuals could edit and store their cherished memories. According to Liu, memories are what truly bring people alive, and he aimed to create a platform that celebrated their significance.

The project builds upon a memory preservation prototype Liu had previously developed in his earlier works. The installation comprises two interfaces supported by wooden racks, with two projectors seamlessly connected to his computers. This setup enables Liu to project his meticulously crafted content using MadMapper, a software application he employed to bring the memories to life.

In addition to the computer-driven interfaces, Liu incorporated a distinctive knob-shaped sensor connected to an Arduino board within an antique radio structure. While Liu removed the radio’s internals, he ingeniously embedded the chip into the sensor. When the sensor is rotated, viewers are treated to an immersive experience, witnessing changes in the timeline alongside captivating images and stories from different eras in the region.

Liu’s creative journey commenced with an insatiable curiosity for visual storytelling and a deep desire to express his thoughts through creative means. The ArtCenter played a crucial role in shaping Liu’s career. Inspired by knowledgeable and inspiring instructors, Liu found himself continually motivated by his peers, fostering an environment of collaboration and idea exchange.

With the completion of Arkive, Fengyi Liu has brought to life a visionary project that captures the essence of historical memories in a tangible and interactive manner. This significant achievement not only showcases Liu’s artistic talent but also promises to contribute to the preservation and celebration of collective heritage.

The Arkive installation is set to be showcased at various art exhibitions and cultural events, providing audiences with a mesmerizing glimpse into the power of preserving memories through innovative design. Fengyi Liu’s remarkable creation is sure to inspire and captivate individuals, reigniting their appreciation for the rich tapestry of human history.

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Image provided by Fengyi Liu

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