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Conrad Roset Interview

Barcelona-based freelance artist/illustrator, Conrad Roset, has already accomplished a lot so far. When he isn’t drawing the female form and splashing it with vibrant watercolors, he is teaching illustration at the School of Design BAU, launching his own iPhone app, exhibiting his work in galleries and museums, and working for different brands, publishing companies, and advertising agencies. But amongst all this, he has traveled to the big city where he has resided for three months straight. Here we chat about his stay, how NYC’s color contrasts and diversity will play into his work, and what to expect from him next.
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Cliché: How has your stay here been so far? Is this your first time in the city?
Conrad Roset:
This is my first  time  in  NYC,  and to me it seems to be an incredible city. There are so many things to do each day: exhibitions, concerts, etc. I love it!
How would you say working in NYC compares to Barcelona?
I’m still not working much in NYC, but I think  that  everything  here  is  bigger.  The customers  are  more  important,  and  your job has more diffusion. It is like climbing to the first division.

Since you have been here, have you done any exhibitions or are you planning any for the rest of your stay? If so, could you talk about them?
I can’t wait to make some pieces in NYC, but I haven’t found a gallery as of yet. I’m just starting to move in that direction, looking for galleries to present my work.

Beautiful women are usually the central focus of your art. Have you found inspiration in the versatile faces of NYC to incorporate into future work?
I have found many new inspirations here in NYC. Traveling is ideal to evolve your art, and that is why I am doing it. Here there is a lot of diversity. It is such a cosmopolitan city and that is something that I might use in my artwork.
Have you been able to find other new inspirations in the city? If so, what are you currently inspired by?
Yes,  especially  the  greatness  of  the  city,  the  buildings and  everything  here  being  so  gigantic  in  comparison to Barcelona. What is also inspiring me a lot are the colors of NYC, the contrast of the green nature of Central Park with the grays of the tall buildings.
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I saw a post of yours recently about a new project that you and MariaDiamantes are working on called “El Pequeno Lenador” or “The Little WoodCutter Book.” Could you tell me more about this?
Yes,  it  is  a  children’s  book  fairy  tale  about  a  woodcutter child  and  a  wolf.  We  are  creating  a  new  style  by  fusing together my art and that of MariaDiamantes. I believe that we’re going to make a very nice book.
Have you met any other artists in the city that you either already have or would like to collaborate with in the future?
Yes,  I  am  doing  a  new  project  of  photos  and  illustrations with  a  photographer  named  Helga  Traxler,  and  I  hope  to meet  some  new  artists  here  soon.  I  am  also  going  to  be meeting  Erik  Jones  and  Jason  Levesque  (Stuntkid)  soon, which I am very excited about because I really love their art.

Are there other artists in the states you’d still like to meet and work with?
Many. Too many!

After your stay here, what do you have planned next?
I haven’t thought about what to do with my future yet. It all depends on how my stay here in NYC goes.
To see more of Conrad’s work, visit his website 
Conrad Roset’s interview originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s August/September 2013 issue.
Images courtesy of Conrad Roset 

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