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Art Exhibit: I Who Have Arrived in Heaven


Until December 21st, Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s art exhibition, “I Who Have Arrived in Heaven,” will be held at the David Zwirner gallery in New York. There will be two infinity rooms, a video piece, and 27 new paintings in Kusama’s signature style; chaotic, colorful, and covered with patterns of eyeballs and faces.


Much like her work, there have been, and probably will be until it’s closing, masses of eyes and faces from all walks of life eagerly waiting on line to view the artist’s most exciting installment of two infinity rooms. Visitors will only get 40 seconds each to enjoy these features, but the experience seems worth it nonetheless. The first room consists of revolving mirrors and twinkling lights, making it somewhat similar to what it may feel like to float through a galaxy, and the second, also surrounded by mirrors, features long, glowing and spotted tentacles.


The 84-year-old artist, who is currently on leave from the Japanese psychiatric hospital in which she resides, is acutely aware that she is close to the end of her life. One may interpret the exhibit by their own account, but with a title like “I Who Have Arrived in Heaven,” and a video piece titled, “Manhattan Suicide Addict,” in which the artist sings about her own dealings with depression, something about the colorful, inviting, and ethereal experience seems to be examining an enthused afterlife.


To view more of Yayoi Kusama’s work, visit her website at

To find out more about this exhibition, visit the gallery’s website at
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