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This past year, I have seen many people, both ones I follow and admire on social media as well as dear friends of mine, start YouTube channels with such gusto that made it seem so simple and effortless. I mean, all you have to do is turn on a camera and start talking, right? For some, it may seem like such a natural thing to do, but for others—including myself—throwing yourself onto the Internet via video can make you feel a bit vulnerable, and maybe even self-conscious. With so many YouTubers out in the world blowing up over what feels like overnight, joining such a community can sometimes come off as being intimidating. From high-quality edits to unbelievable viewing numbers, seeing others’ success may hold you back from actually taking a step forward and in turn building up your YouTube confidence to start a channel and post a video. Trust me, I have been there. However, I have also conquered the fear and have turned it into something I truly love. After personal experience with starting my own YouTube journey, I am happy to share not only my channel, but advice as well to help or inspire any of you to take a deep breath, look in front of the camera, press record, and start sharing your own story.

Network With Others
Putting yourself out there, a raw and unfiltered you that only people who truly know you see, can be scary—there is no sugar coating that. But once you step out of that comfort zone of sharing who you are with anyone that watches, you’ll find yourself wanting to do it more and more. When you start your own channel, share it like no tomorrow! Post on your social media networks and show others how excited you are about what you are doing. It will resonate with others when they see someone glowing through the embarkment of a new chapter in their life. You’ll connect with people from all over the world, be inspired by them, feel amazed by their support, and even create lasting friendships with some.
Find Your Niche
If you like gaming, share your favorite video games or film yourself kicking butt in all of them. Share any tips or tricks that you may have to fellow gamers out there or people who may want to start gaming as well. If you’re a beauty babe, help people learn how to flick a cat eye or create a go-to look that you have been rocking as of late. Are you a foodie at heart? Cook up a yummy recipe or vlog yourself trying the most delicious dishes at local restaurants! Whatever you find to be your niche in life, flourish in it.

Be Imperfect
You don’t need to have the most amazing editing skills out there to create videos—nor the most high-quality of cameras. Use what you have and make the most of it. By showing your one-of-a-kind personality with others out there, you’ll find an audience that is ready to click on your videos as soon as you post them. Be real and don’t try to be a picture-perfect person. As long as you stay true to who you are, that will reflect right on screen. So, if you drop something (which I have done), if your hair is a bit out of place, or if you can’t seem to say the “right” words, that’s completely okay! Your beautiful, authentic, and imperfect self is what will make your channel you.
Create At Your Own Pace
Posting videos consistently is important if you want your audience to grow; however, that isn’t everything. Quality over quantity does mean something. When publishing a video, you want to be sure that it is something you’re proud of—not just because others are posting up to five videos on a weekly basis. You need to create at your own pace. When I started my own YouTube channel, I myself found myself inspired and uninspired at times. Sometimes you may find yourself filming ideas one after the other, and other days you won’t. When you don’t, don’t force it. Let the inspiration come to you, and when it does, sit down and get to filming. I promise you’ll surprise yourself with how much your creative process will grow over time.
So, if you’ve been debating for a while whether or not to join YouTube, I encourage you to with all your might. Show everyone out there how extraordinary of an individual you are through creative videos that you create. All of us at Cliché are rooting for you!
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“YouTube Confidence: Advice On Starting Your Own YouTube Channel” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Oct/Nov 2016 issue

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