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NOËP Releases Upbeat New Single ‘No Man Is An Island’


Out on now via Humming Records and Warner Music Baltics, ‘No Man Is An Island’ is the next instalment from singer-songwriter and producer NOËP’s forthcoming debut album, which will be released in November.
The track showcases NOËP’s production from a new angle, being the most upbeat song he’s released to date. “A lot of the percussive sounds on the track have been recorded on piano, which gives an organic touch to the sonical atmosphere. As with the album, the single’s meaning can be interpreted on a multi-dimensional level’’. NOËP explains: “The opening line of ‘No Man Is An Island’ paints a picture of an extremist-environmentalist and how he perceives our current situation with climate change and other environmental/social challenges. It sounds cliché, but the success of any meaningful change depends on our ability to face ‘the giant’ not alone, but together.”

Hailing from Tallinn and inspired by artists such as Alt-J, Mura Masa and James Hersey, NOËP’s unique blend of alternative pop with electronic undertones, has captured the attention of music lovers and industry all over the world, amassing over 40 million streams and counting. In addition to his global reach and appeal, NOËP is something of a musical icon in his homeland, having been awarded ‘Pop Album of the Year’ at the Estonian Music Awards in 2019, for his debut EP ‘Heads In The Clouds’. Further afield, he has had airplay on BBC Radio 1, along with DSP editorial support from major markets such as UK and Germany.
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