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Maisyn’s six-track debut EP

Los Angeles, CA [September 21, 2021] Maisyn’s six-track debut EP tells the story of a girl through her own eyes full of trauma, triumph, complexity, and downright coolness. Cool Grl is out now!

“I think Cool Grl is a coming-of-age story in the truest sense – it’s pieces of my childhood, my tumult, my trauma, and my heartbreak that outline a story I’m really proud to share.”

Maisyn on “Cool Grl”

Like a beautiful coming-of-age film, Maisyn’s music is relatable to many while remaining uniquely her own. Listeners of her previous singles sing Maisyn’s praises for the ways in which they so deeply connect to the themes and messages on a personal level. As a whole, the Cool Grl reflects the singer/songwriter’s connections to herself through music: walking through the blurry journey toward finding comfort in your own skin all while writing songs about it. The result is a body of work that details adolescence into adulthood with pure pop piano melodies and a vocal style that is both vulnerable and mature.

Maisyn’s previous singles “Pool Party” and “8.20” showed the world what a real cool girl is: one that opens up about the workings of her innermost identity to make everyone around her feel free to do the same. “Pool Party” instantly became a cathartic offering evocative of the desire to find summer days joyous and celebratory rather than a reflection of one’s disordered tendencies and deeply rooted fears. “8.20” further speaks Maisyn’s goal of peaking into different insecurities that one person can feel, inviting listeners to share in the space that she crafted with comfort and a sense of self-love. Each song on the EP explores aspects of these themes from childhood to the present, fashioned with choruses that are sure to run through your head nonstop.

Working with Grammy-nominated engineer/producer Joey Messina-Doerning (HAIM, Women in Music Pt. III), Maisyn is finally at a place of deep pride as an artist. The singer/songwriter previously DIY toured across the East Coast and played venues that her idols had prior. She gained praise from Flaunt Magazine and Bust and was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds: Pop playlists. The EP as a whole speaks to the gravity of her relationship with herself, using music as a medium to implore everyone to put a mirror to their face and give themselves a serenade.

Stream Cool Grl and stay up to date with all things Maisyn from the links below. Thanks for your time in checking this out!



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