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Start Your Shoe Collection with These 5 Fabulous Dress Shoes

We all want to look chic and classy every day. Various elements of your style and fashion mold the way you look. These elements may include clothes, footwear, hairstyle, accessories, and so on. You can even invest in different pieces depending on the season – jackets and boots for winter and then breathable shirts and dresses during spring. Loose clothing, such as overhauls, crop tops, and jeans, will also make a fashion statement when worn during summer months. 

Wearing proper footwear that compliments your outfit, makes you look more put-together and stylish. In fact, the right pair can become the highlight of your outfit and help you grab the attention of people around you. With the number of styles and colors to choose from today, you can also utilize your shoes to better express your personality.

If your looking to start your shoe collection, let’s take a look at 5 fabulous dress shoes to get you headed in the right direction. This article can provide options so you won’t have any problems finding the first pairs to add in your collection. 

fabulous dress shoes

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Elle et Lui offers a wide range of women’s and men’s footwear that upgrades your entire look. There are a lot of fantastic pieces of footwear in their collection that will make you a stunner. These pieces include classy and timeless shoes made out of leather that is both comfortable and stylish.  These are designer shoes with elegance and exceptional craftsmanship.  They offer the best in class designer shoes in Australia that will add elegance and style to your shoe collection. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can start your shoe collection with pieces from this brand or opt to invest in other brands first. Regardless, this article can help you get started.


If you’re having a hard time deciding which to buy when you browse online shops, such as, here are some of the hand-picked pieces of dress shoes that belong to the “top” category.

fabulous dress shoes

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Black Cap Toe Oxford Shoe

Oxford shoes have a full sole and sharp tip. The tip tapers nicely into a sharp point. These shoes usually have leather insoles as well as outsoles. The cushion inside the shoes keeps your feet nice and comfy. These shoes are perfect to go with a formal outfit. You can wear these to business forums or work and even for a wedding party. This style goes well with a tuxedo as well. The price of these shoes usually is between $450 to $500. But it is totally worth every penny you spend.

Bordeaux Suede Loafer

fabulous dress shoesIf you want a formal look with some sort of character to it, you can go for Bordeaux suede loafer. This one also has insole and outsole made of leather. The luxurious burgundy color variant helps you make a statement wherever you go. It is one of the best men’s dress shoes in Melbourne available with Elle et Lui. This is great for more of like an evening party or a business get-together. The price of this variant is slightly lesser when compared to the Cap toe oxford shoes. The price is somewhere near $300.

Loafer with Tassel Details

These shoes are an upgrade to the classic loafer and are made of suede leather and have very beautiful rope details. The insoles and outsoles are made of rubber, and the rope detailing makes this shoe better than most shoes of the category. If you are someone who pays attention to aesthetics and feels the need to venture new styles and incorporate them into your outfits, you can go for this one. It is incredibly chic with a bit of a bohemian touch to it. You can wear these on a casual business trip or even on a brunch date. These shoes fall under the price range between $250 and $300.

Suede Chukka Boot

These shoes have a very clean look and have a matte finish. Welted chukka boots have the rustic essence along with a chic outlook overall. The insoles and outsoles are both made of leather. These are quite pricey when compared to the loafer types, but if you want to have a unique piece of footwear that can match your formal outfits. If you do not like the glossy finish of the regular formal shoes, then these chukka boots are for you. The deep brown color adds to the richness of the shoes and enhances the look. The price of these shoes is somewhere around $500

You can wear your pair of suede chukka boots during casual occasions and pair it with a pair of jeans and a denim jacket. You can also wear the same pair of shoes to create a smart casual look with black jeans, crew neck shirt, and then a chino or blazer. 

Yellow Moccasin

If you are a fun-loving person who loves to venture different colors, this one’s for you. It has a leather insole and natural rubber outsole. The mustard yellow color adds a pop of color to any outfit. If you are going on a date or for dinner on holiday, this is the best pick for you. These shoes will look great with deep colored outfits. The white color rope details add a nice touch to the whole design. These are slip-on and are incredibly comfortable to wear. The price of a pair is somewhere near $250.

In Conclusion 

Dress shoes come in different styles today. Regardless of what your budget and lifestyle is, you’ll be able to choose from several options. You can even try unique or unusual pairs once in a while to spice up your looks. 

But aside from choosing a pair that suits your budget and fashion sense, it’s also important to invest in pieces that are made from durable materials. The shoes you’ll wear are exposed to dust and dirt, and different types of terrains, and buying one made from substandard materials as an attempt to save money will only cost you more in the long run. 

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