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Men’s Fashion Mistakes to Avoid in 2018

men's fashion mistakes for 2018

Men’s fashion can be tricky sometimes. Just like women’s fashion, there are trends that come and go and some that simply never go out of style. This list is not going to cover the things that never go out of style. Instead, we’re going to share with you Men’s Fashion Mistakes to Avoid in 2018.

Super tight shirts

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We all know why men like to wear these super tight t-shirts and polos. They are either trying to suck everything in or show off whatever muscles they may have. However, they can look hideous. It can often look like you are trying too hard or that you are wearing your little brother’s shirt. It is best to choose a well fitting shirt. One way to test this is by putting both of your hands in the air, if any part of your belly is visible, then the shirt is probably too small.

Ill-fitting suits

Some men seem to have such a difficult time picking clothes that fit. Suits are definitely no exception to this. How many times have you seen a man wearing a suit that he has no business wearing. The sleeves are too long and the suit is too baggy. It’s almost as if a ghost is in the suit, just a shapeless form. Get a well tailored suit.

Jean Shorts

jeans photoJean shorts have been out of style for men for quite some time, while jean shorts on woman still remain popular. I couldn’t tell you why, but they just are. Wear these at your own risk. Maybe you could even bring them back. Who knows?

Wearing athletic wear in the improper settings

Sweatpants, gym shorts, tracksuits and sports jerseys are not meant to be worn everywhere. We know that they are comfortable, but there are so many options out there that will make you look so much classier. Throwing on a nice polo, khakis and slip on loafers can really fit almost any occasion. You can leave the sweats at the gym.

Wearing Neon Colors

No, don’t do it. It is definitely on our list of men’s fashion mistakes  Do not wear neon. Don’t wear any neon shirts, shirts with neon logos or neon pants. This is not a good idea unless you are jogging or riding a bike at night time or working construction. Neon should only be worn for safety purposes.

Super Deep V Neck

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Photo by @spreadshirt

If you’re wearing this, it creates the appearance of trying too hard. No one needs to see your entire chest. Just wear a regular V neck. It shows just enough of your chest for people to get the idea.

Cargo Shorts

Yes, you can fit everything you own in these things. The pockets are great. However, unless you are under 18, you should not be wearing cargo shorts. They have been considered dated and tacky for quite some time now. They may have always been tacky. It’s ok to leave some things at home, nobody needs all of those pockets.

Thinking That Rings Are Only For Rappers

A lot of men think that the only ring they should wear is their wedding ring. However, another diamond ring can really add an element of class and style to any outfit. No matter what your ring style is, there are plenty of options to suit your personality.

Now you have an idea of what men’s fashion mistakes to avoid so no one gets caught looking silly.


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