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Domitila Barros is the new Miss Germany

Popular Brazilian social media ‘greenfluencer,’ content creator, model and actress, Domitila Barros has won the title of Miss Germany 2022. A woman of many talents, Domitila quickly made waves across the globe for her work in climate change, sustainable fashion and culture bridging fashion. Having amassed a following of 190 000 people on Instagram, Domitila has been tirelessly working towards advocating for social justice and environmental protection, sharing her expertise on such key matters. Her authentic, relatable and multilingual content has enabled her to create a community that transcends geographical borders. 
Aiming to promote sustainability while empowering disadvantaged communities, Domitila launched her plant-based jewellery label She Is From The Jungle in 2017. A brand that stands for diversity, inclusivity and sustainability, it employs female Brazilian artisans to create pieces out of the eco-friendly plant Golden Grass, which looks similar to spun gold and is durable enough to be molded into accessories. Through She Is From The Jungle, hundreds of impoverished Brazilian families are provided for and a portion of profits are allocated to a charity supporting local street children. Having been born and brought up in a favela in Brazil, the cause is exceptionally close to Domitila’s heart. This endeavour into social entrepreneurship, along with her master’s degree in social sciences, enabled her to begin coaching start-ups on the importance of implementing sustainable business practices.
In the past few years, the Miss Germany contest has undergone a major shift, valuing its contestants’ personalities and missions over their appearances and rebranding itself as a movement that celebrates women shaping the future of our society. Hence, Domitila’s dedicated use of her platform to highlight these causes contributed greatly towards her victory. Now, having been crowned Miss Germany, Domitila aims to leverage the title and her following to maximise her impact and increase awareness and understanding around sustainable living. 
Images provided by Domitila Barros 
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