5 Sunglass Trends for Summer 2018

5 Sunglass Trends for Summer 2018

It’s Memorial Day, which for most people means that summer is here. What better way to celebrate the unofficial start of summer than with a pair of trendy summer sunglasses to help block out the inevitable blaring sun? The 2018 summer sunglass trends are sure to have something for everyone. The days of big, bulky sunglasses are gone and have been replaced by a wide array of tortoise shell, cat-eye, aviator, and retro shades. Summer sunglasses do more than protect your eyes from the sun. They make a fashion statement too! Check out our 5 sunglass trends for summer 2018 right here!


Step right out of the 1950’s with these retro white sunglasses. The perfect addition to any vintage outfit, these summer sunglasses create a polished look and add flair. Pair with a fun polka dot dress or halter top for the full effect!

White-Retro Sunglasses, (, $12).
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Embrace summer sunglass trends, and show off your sophisticated side with tortoise shell cat-eye sunglasses. Whether you are heading off to a formal event or simply taking a weekend stroll, these shades will leave you looking and feeling best-dressed.

Kiersten 56mm Cat-eye Sunglasses, (, $160).
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Sunglasses with tinted lenses can be found in a variety of stores today. This style offers a more futuristic look that differs from summer shades of the past. Immediately add character and creativity to any outfit with a pair of these fun sunnies!

Astro Sunglasses, (, $85).
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Another vintage favorite, retro oval sunglasses are a blast from the past. If you’re in search of a sleek accessory that won’t clutter your outfit, these simple yet elegant shades are it! Channel your inner fashionista, whether you are attending a party or simply heading to the beach.

Black Oval Retro Sunglasses, (, $5).
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Geometric shades are also making a major comeback! Make a statement and have all eyes on you with fun, creative summer sunglasses like these. These sunnies are sure to add a little character to a basic outfit or enhance a crazy one.

Marc Jacobs Geometric Sunglasses, (,$134.11).
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