How to Rock a Maxi Dress for Shorties

If you are anywhere near my height, which at 23 years old is a whopping 4’11”, then you know that maxi dress struggle. It seems unfair that we have to miss out on these perfect dresses for the hot spring/summer weather. Maxi dresses are cool and fresh, gorgeous and elegant, and usually not the best look for those on the shorter side. That all changes now with a couple of sweet tips to make sure what you lack in height, does not have to lack in style! Here’s how to rock a maxi dress for all the shorties out there dying to be in on the maxi dress trend.

Heels have always been there to elevate a look and to quite literally elevate height. However, wearing heels can often be a strain on the feet, especially while attending events held outside in the beautiful weather that maxi dresses were basically designed for. Throwing on a pair of wedges can make all the difference. This tip may seem obvious, but the effects are worth mentioning. Wearing wedges with your maxi dress gives you that extra height, a fresh feeling all the way down to your toes, and definitely helps to complete that backyard-party look for summer.

This next tip may not be as obvious, but for my fellow shorties out there, the results are useful and evident. Believe it or not, just by wearing a solid colored maxi dress as opposed to wearing cluttered prints can make an enormous difference. By dressing in a monochromatic outfit, it gives the illusion that your body is longer and your figure more tailored. Any fabric that creates vertical lines, such as a vertical stripes print will evoke the same look, making your stature appear tall and your legs seem like they go on for miles!

These last two tips are a bit unorthodox, but worth the exploration for the chance to rock a maxi dress. This tip in particular doesn’t require a maxi dress at all, but a maxi skirt. Pull the maxi skirt up so that it’s against your chest and resting underneath your arms. The elastic around the waist of the skirt should hold it up. At this point, your figure may look more like a blob. In order to show off your curves, tie a rope belt around your waist to give the material some shape. Now you have the maxi dress without having too much material gathered at your feet.

Considering how long most maxi dress hems are, for most people on the shorter side, it’s hard to deny the chance that you may trip and fall- no matter how graceful your strut is. This brings us to the next unconventional tip which is to simply tie the extra material into a knot somewhere near your ankle or middle calf. This tip not only prevents some embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions, but also adds a unique design to an already beautiful look.

Now the game has changed! Yes, even us shorties can now rock a maxi dress all summer long! Never let anyone tell you that your body type and size has to hold you back from rocking whatever fashion your heart desires.


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