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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Had To Publicly Ask Fans Not To Show Up At His House

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Had To Ask Fans Not To Show Up At His Home Uninvited

In the day and age we live in, fans tend to let their emotions get the better of them when around celebrities. This happens the most when public figures make their residences and hometowns known. Jeffrey Dean Morgan recently found this out with fans showing up on his doorstep. It got so bad that The Walking Dead star had to make a public announcement on Twitter, requesting that his fans not show up on his doorstep unannounced. Check out the tweet below.

Reasonably speaking, fans should know better than to go to a celebrity’s home unannounced, even Jeffrey Dean Morgan. While he is one of the friendliest celebs out there today, fans shouldn’t take advantage of Morgan’s kindness and invade his personal space. Sure, he’s a public figure who has to live with being in the public’s eye but every person deserves to have some level of privacy. Nevertheless, Morgan’s request comes at an ideal time.

Fandoms have been getting carried away in the past few years, almost bordering on obsession, and there comes a time when some perspective is needed. Right now, fans are merely showing up at Morgan’s home and greeting him but what happens when a disgruntled fan shows up to his home with other intentions? Morgan isn’t going to know the difference and he’s going to open the door assuming it’s just another fan trying to say hello.

Hopefully, fans will respect Morgan’s wishes and leave the actor be so he doesn’t have to become fearful of who’s at his doorstep. And if fans really want to meet him that badly, they can always do so at the many fan conventions he appears at. Morgan is no stranger to conventions and promotional events, meaning it’s easy to find him without showing up at his house uninvited.

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