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Planning a wedding can be the most exciting and challenging project you and your partner may ever embark upon. It can sometimes be more than a little stressful when it comes to making all the decisions. Planning a wedding comes with its own challenges when looking for ways to save money while still providing a memorable experience for yourself and your guests. On top of that, planning a sustainable wedding can require even more attention to detail. With that being said, continue reading to learn some top tips to use while planning the perfect sustainable wedding. 

Diamond Wedding Rings

One classic, timeless, and sustainable element for your beautiful wife or handsome husband to celebrate the coming together of both yourselves and your families in matrimony is that of matching wedding rings.


A gorgeous lab-created diamond can be the perfect addition. Lab-created diamond rings are not only a sustainable way to start your new life together but can also be a real showstopper and a ring to be admired and envied by all your friends and family.

Homemade Wedding Favors

Instead of mass-produced and shop-bought wedding favors for your wedding breakfast or dinner, you could choose a much more sustainable and certainly more sentimental and meaningful homemade wedding favor.

You could choose glass jars of jam/chutneys or liquor, a plant in a painted plant pot (which could double up as the table decorations), some seeds which will flower at the same time as your anniversary, or even some bath salts or a candle.

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Hand Painted & Sewn Wedding Decor

Following along from the aforementioned homemade wedding favors, when considering decorations for your wedding reception venue, why not draft your close friends and family members, as well as your partner themselves, to band together and handmake bunting and signs. You could go to a charity shop for fabric for anything you need to sew.

Alternatively, many ethically sourced and customized products are available online and on the high street, from photographic mugs, cushions, and handbags. You could even get wallpaper made from photographs of yourself and your loved one, your children, and even your family pets.

Choose an Entirely Eco-Friendly Menu

Another incredibly important element of a sustainable wedding is to take the time to choose an entirely eco-friendly menu – some of the ideas for which could be:

  • Only use food that has been locally grown
  • Make the entire menu of a vegetarian or even vegan
  • Choose alcohol and beer from ethical breweries
  • Instead of a buffet, have set meals to discourage food waste

Make a Statement with a Charity Registry

Finally, for a public statement of how much you and your fiancé support a more sustainable way of life, even in times of celebration and opulence, you could make a statement by considering a charity registry.

Instead of asking for a new toaster, dinner set, or monetary donations for your honeymoon, choose a cause or charity close to both of your hearts and ask your wedding guests to donate money to them instead.

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