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Why Netflix’s BoJack Horseman Is A Show You Should Be Watching

Bojack Horseman is a Netflix original adult animated series, that follows the life of a horse, BoJack. BoJack is a washed-up actor from a 90’s sitcom, struggling to revamp his career in Hollywood. In this animated alternate universe, animals and humans live side by side and even work alongside each other in Hollywood. Though it’s animation, the problems, the characters, and even the foul language are very much real.

With five critically acclaimed seasons under its belt, it has built a cult-like following with a diverse audience and universal praise for tackling serious topics. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, an animated series? for adults? serious topics?

BoJack Horseman is more than what you think and it’s a show you should be watching. Here are three reasons why:

  1. The Flawed Characters Are Intensely Relatable  Many of the (well deserved) praise BoJack Horseman receives derives from the compassionate portrayal of mental illness. Furthermore, none of the characters on screen are one dimensional. There is no perfect hero or obvious evil villain. There is no emotional redemption arc at the end of the season that wipes away a character’s previous mistakes. The supporting cast has many faults and we love it that way because we see portions of ourselves in each of them.
  1. Guest Appearances From Your Favorite Hollywood Stars! BoJack Horseman does take place in Hollywood so it only makes sense the show is littered with hilarious celebrity cameos! Season One’s guest list included Stephen Colbert, Olivia Wilde, and Naomi Watts. As the series continued, the stars only got bigger. In the most recent season, there is a hilarious cameo from Mr. Paul McCartney himself, alongside Felicity Huffman, Zach Braff, and Daniel Radcliffe. These celebrities stop by to play exaggerated versions of themselves proving that they too can get in on the joke!
  1. It’s a Comedy With Heart and Smarts The premise of the series might sound far fetched and the visuals of talking animals on screen might seem childish to some, but the show is far from childish. It has been tackling dark themes so well that many have awarded it the title of “The Funniest, Saddest Show”. Before clicking play, none of us would’ve thought that a series with a talking horse would tackle subjects such as mass shootings, women’s rights, addiction, or depression. But it has done just that. Sprinkled in between an amazing theme song and jokes about celebrities, BoJack Horseman leaves its viewers with a new look on life and a deeper look within themselves.


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Why Netflix’s BoJack Horseman Is A Show You Should Be Watching: Featured Image Credit: @BoJackHorseman on Instagram. 

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