This Former Social Worker Transformed Her Side Hustle Into A Business That Has Raked In Over $1M Annually

Ahead of her entrepreneurial journey, Dielle Charon previously worked as a licensed social worker at Duke University, according to Entrepreneur. During her time as a social worker, she came to the conclusion that her salary was only just enough to make student loan payments. She also wanted to create a better work life after experiencing racism in her current work environment.

Charon recalled to the outlet that in 2018 her goal to earn more money birthed her side hustle: online coaching.  

“I had just learned about the coaching industry from a friend who was sharing some with me, and I began to dive more into the industry,” Charon told Entrepreneur. “I found my inspiration for this business from my own story. Daily, I was using skills around sales to build that same level of trust quickly with those that I served. I also wanted to help other people build their businesses. I became inspired to serve other women of color: We can all build this life of freedom together.”

Once Charon built upon her knowledge of coaching, she went on to save a a year’s worth of money for her business expenses, promote herself on social media platforms, and build her client base. About two years after its launch, Charon’s business eventually blew up to the point where she turned her side hustle into a full-time job.

“I was consistently seeing monthly revenue pretty quickly,” she said. “I would say it took a few months to get to that point. About a year later, I was hitting six figures and even got to $300,000 a year when this was still a side hustle. In 2020, at $300,000, I decided it was time to go full-time. I had far surpassed my social worker salary about a year and a half before.”

Charon shared with the outlet that today her online coaching business rakes in $1.5 million. What’s more, 2023 is her second consecutive year reaching $1 million or more.

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