This Beyoncé-Approved Fast-Food Restaurant Chain, Founded In 1969, Is Black-Led, -Owned, And -Operated

USA Today reports the “Renaissance” singer has been a loyal customer of Frenchy’s Chicken since an early age. The restaurant has served locals New Orleans-inspired fried chicken and sides such as collard greens, red beans, and dirty rice since 1969, its website mentions. Today, menu offerings (dependent on location) include fried fish, shrimp, boudin balls, French fries, mashed potatoes, and more.

Beyoncé sung the restaurant’s praises most recently during a clip featured in the theatrical release of “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé.”

“I feel like I need to get out of the South quickly,” Beyonce said while eating Frenchy’s fried chicken in Houston during the film. “It’s dangerous. No place like home.”

Ernest Ray Hunter II, CEO of Frenchy’s Companies, expressed, “Her love of Frenchy’s I think goes beyond how great our food is. It’s similar to her connection to her community.”

The restaurant was created by Percy “Frenchy” Creuzot in Houston’s Third Ward, Beyoncé’s neighborhood. Creuzot’s wife, Sallie Creuzot, and son Percy “King” Creuzot are currently preserving the history and legacy of its flagship location — which relocated to 4646 Scott St. — after “Frenchy” passed away in 2010 from a stroke.

“My dad was Percy Creuzot Jr., and he came to Houston, and what he wanted to do was introduce Creole food to Houston, Texas,” King said. “It started out as Frenchy’s Po’Boy, and he started out making po’boy sandwiches. Along the way a friend encouraged him and almost made him fry chicken.”

What’s more, the Frenchy’s chicken recipe still used today across 10 franchise locations in Houston was made possible with Sallie’s help.

“We tried to develop a recipe that was different,” Sallie told USA Today. “I worked at it for some years, but finally I think we got it to where we wanted it. We were happy with it, customers we’re happy with it, and people began to talk about it.”

“I usually come to Frenchy’s on my study breaks,” Nieajua Gonzalez, a student at The Thurgood Marshall School of Law, told USA Today. “It’s convenient, it’s a good meal, and it’s a nice boost of energy and a good environment before I go back to books.”

Gonzalez joins a slew of customers rallying behind the comfort food spot open seven days a week. The team at Frenchy’s Chicken also note their business has greatly benefitted from Beyoncé’s exposure over the years.

“It has had a great impact on us because we’re busy, and we also have people who have not experienced Frenchy’s [come] to see what Frenchy’s is all about,” King explained, according to USA Today.

Hunter chimed in, “Whether it’s a Vogue article or a movie, it just kind of rekindles the excitement about Frenchy’s Chicken.”

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