This 28-Year-Old Went From Having Debt While Living In New York To Buying A $267K Home

Along with saving, cutting debt, and building your credit score, Leon shared with AfroTech helpful advice for aspiring homeowners.

Have Money Saved For Home Emergencies 

“I think it’s really important when you decide that you’re moving into a home, you need to have extra money for if something happens to the house. Even if you get a totally brand-new home, there’s just always going to be stuff that you always have to pay for and things that you didn’t think about. If something breaks, you’re the one that’s gotta pay for it.”

Choose A Home You Love That’s Also An Investment

“I already received equity when I bought the home. It’s appraised at $275,000. I bought the house for $267,500, so that’s already equity that I’m getting on the house. Across the street, they’re getting ready to start building new condos and getting ready to sell them. Next door to me, they are already renovating two townhomes. In the next five to 10 years, that’s going to give me probably equity upwards of $150,000.”

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