Roblox Teams Up with Afro Unicorn, The First Black-Owned, Woman-Founded Business To Land A Licensed Character Brand In Major Retail

Afro Unicorn Founder April Showers is taking her business to the gaming space.

Showers launched Afro Unicorn, a character brand founded in 2019 to empower Black girls and women. As AFROTECH™ previously mentioned, its products include apparel items such as leggings and shirts and party favors such as plates, napkins, balloons, decorations, and pinatas. Customers can also expect the brand to carry apparel for babies, accessories, and bags, among others.

Showers ensured that her product was marketed in various shades to reflect the multitude of complexions among Black consumers. 

In addition to showing inclusivity in how Black people are portrayed, the founder wants others to know that Afro Unicorn is more than a brand.

“My main goal for Afro Unicorn™ is to ensure Black girls and women feel unique, divine, and magical,” Showers said in a news release. 

She added, “Afro Unicorn™ is more than a line of products. It’s a movement to make sure Black people are represented and have a seat at the table. I’m grateful Walmart understands how important this is and gave me that seat at the table. Now, millions of little girls will grow up with products on store shelves that represent and celebrate them.”

Afro Unicorn is available in 40,000+ retail stores, including Walmart and Target, and has 25 product categories. Additionally, Forbes reports that she is the founder of the “first Black-owned, woman-founded business with a licensed character brand being carried in major retail.”

Now, the Afro Unicorn will be taking over the digital sphere in light of a new partnership with online gaming platform Roblox. This partnership will bring its community a live experience featuring the brand’s diverse characters, digital clothing, and accessories, which can be purchased on the Roblox Marketplace. 

Photo Credit: Afro Unicorn


The incorporation of Afro Unicorn holds significance as it fosters a chance for more representation on the platform.

According to its 2023 Digital Expression, Fashion, and Beauty Trends report, Roblox is aiming to prioritize users’ ability to customize avatars and digital identities. Therefore, partnering with diverse brands, like Afro Unicorn, is increasingly important.

“Bringing Afro Unicorn to Roblox is a momentous occasion to positively impact a new generation of youth, including digital trendsetters and innovators,” Showers stated in a news release provided to AFROTECH™.

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