Patti LaBelle’s Popular Food Brand Has Reportedly Generated $200M Since Its Launch In 2008

As AFROTECH previously mentioned, LaBelle has been conjuring up various recipes for years.

The “Godmother of Soul” learned to cook when she was 10 years old watching her mother and father, she shared during a conversation with Forbes.

In LaBelle’s later years, her recipes have been enjoyed by notable names, including Questlove, Elton John, The Rolling Stones, and Richard Pryor.

In 2008, LaBelle allowed the world to experience her food for themselves after launching her food brand Good Life. Per Forbes, the brand first carried a line of hot sauces and has since expanded to include sweet potato pie and peach cobbler, frozen breakfast foods, and meals such as chicken and biscuits and mac-n-cheese.

Since its inception, the brand has seen great success thanks to community support, along with its affordable pricing.

“People can afford to eat my food and know that they’re getting quality food,” LaBelle told Forbes Senior Editor Maggie McGrath. “And you didn’t spend your last dollar for it. So that’s important to me so I could help someone have a decent meal because times are hard.”

She continued, “Friends always loved my food, and they said, ‘Why don’t you put out a line?’ I said, ‘Okay, when I put this line out it’s going to be affordable because some of my friends didn’t have much. And so when the line came out, I mean they just were loving the fact that they could afford a great meal.”

Good Life has extended LaBelle’s charm with food beyond her friends, which has led to gross sales of $200 million in 2022 for the company, and Good Life raked in $20 million in revenue for that same year, Forbes highlights.

What’s more, LaBelle owns 100% of her company alongside her son. However, she would be open to investors, the outlet notes.

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