Nas Dropped ‘Illmatic’ In 1994 — 30 Years, 17 Grammy Nods, And 44 Personal Investments Later, His $70M Fortune Proves He’s At The Top Of His Game

Nas Dropped ‘Illmatic’ In 1994 — 30 Years, 17 Grammy Nods, And 44 Personal Investments Later, His M Fortune Proves He’s At The Top Of His Game

2024 marks a significant time in Hip-Hop history as the 30th anniversary of “Illmatic” — Nas’ debut album. The 1994 release brought the world classic songs like “The World Is Yours” and “One Love.” Since then, the native New York rapper has cemented himself in history as one of Hip-Hop’s elite voices.

Born Nasir Jones, Nas started his journey as a prominent figure in Hip-Hop after the release of his 1992 single “Halftime,” appearing on the soundtrack for “Zebrahead,” a film centered around interracial dating. “Illmatic” would follow, and Nas would go on to produce several other top-charting albums.

An Iconic Rap Career

Nas’ musical prowess has earned him a staggering 17 Grammy nominations. His recent win in 2021 for Best Rap Album with “King’s Disease” is a testament to his enduring talent and relevance in the industry.

It is safe to assume that his multi-decade music career made most of Nas’ foundational wealth possible. However, his moves outside the music studio and his music prowess led the 50-year-old to an estimated $70 million net worth, per Celebrity Net Worth. 

Nas Builds Wealth Outside Of Music

According to Crunchbase, Nas has 44 personal investments in his portfolio, including Magic Spoon, Royal, and Pure Beauty. He is also a partner in 19 organizations as co-founder of Queensbridge Venture Partners. His investments through his VC firm include Coinbase and the musical organization Genius.

His most recent business move hits home for him. Based on a previous AFROTECHTM, the father of two is part of the plans to redevelop the New York City, NY-based Resorts World into a “Las Vegas-style casino.” The $5 billion endeavor also features a proposal to extend the casino floor, which, if approved, would make it the largest gambling establishment on the globe.

Growth, Maturity, And Residual Success

In 2006, Nas made a business decision that intersected with one of his iconic music moments. People of a specific era or who have a particular appreciation for Hip-Hop remember the very public beef between New York rappers Jay-Z and Nas. However, after trading musical blows, the two seemed to come to amicable terms.

The New York Times reported at the time that Nas signed a four-year album deal with the then-Jay-Z-led Def Jam Recordings label. Years later, the two would appear on the DJ Khaled-produced 2021 song “Sorry, Not Sorry.”

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