Morgan Freeman Calls Viral TikTok Video Using His AI-Generated Narration A ‘Scam’

Morgan Freeman Calls Viral TikTok Video Using His AI-Generated Narration A ‘Scam’

A TikToker with the username “Justine’s Camera Roll” shared a 44-second video while on vacation in Spain that appeared to be narrated by the actor.

Welcome to my niece’s day in the life, narrated by me, Morgan Freeman. Justine begged for money for what she said would be a cultural experience in Spain,” the video narration began in the TikTok video.

Freeman’s artificial intelligence-generated voice continues throughout the video.

The TikTok video was later reshared on X, formerly known as Twitter, by user “JahelisWasHere” on June 24, 2024. It gained traction, garnering 16.5 million views (at the time of this writing).

The video also caught Morgan Freeman’s attention. On X, he shared that he was not behind the video’s narration, stating it was created with artificial intelligence (AI). He also concluded by calling the video a “scam.”

“Thank you to my incredible fans for your vigilance and support in calling out the unauthorized use of an A.I. voice imitating me. Your dedication helps authenticity and integrity remain paramount. Grateful. #AI #scam #imitation #IdentityProtection,” Freeman wrote on X.

On Tuesday, July 1, 2024, the TikToker created another video on the platform to apologize and stated the initial video was created “all in good fun.”

“Why did I wake up this morning on Daily Mail? That is my face. When I posted this video on TikTok, it had maybe 30,000 views. Somebody took that, put it on Twitter, and it got 16 million views,” she said in the video.

@justinescameraroll well, that was fun while it lasted. #unclemo ♬ original sound – Justine’s Camera Roll 📸✨

She continued, “I thought that it was very obvious that this was a joke, and now uncle Mo is upset with me. If anyone from his team is watching. I am so sorry. I really just thought it was funny, like, everybody loves the videos. We’re laughing, we’re joking. Please no cease and desist. Please no cease and desist. Use your discernment online, but this is all in good fun.”

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