Jason Mayden Reunites With The Jordan Brand As Chief Design Officer After Being Its First Design Intern 23 Years Ago

Jason Mayden has made his return to the Jordan Brand.

In 2000, the Chicago designer started at the Jordan Brand as its first design intern, according to Hypebeast. Over two decades later, he has announced that he is the new chief design officer.

“I’m filled with gratitude to announce my return to @jumpman23 as the Chief Design Officer,” Mayden shared in a private Instagram post, per Hypebeast. “It’s been an incredible 23-year journey since starting as the brand’s very first design intern. Reflecting on the path that’s brought me here is truly awe-inspiring. Thinking back to my childhood dreams growing up on the Southside of Chicago, it’s surreal to see them materialize.”

He continued, “We’ve come way too far, there’s no stopping us now. For those navigating tough times, hold onto hope. A wise homie once said, ‘nice guys don’t finish last, they outlast.’”

Prior to Mayden’s new role, he was president of Fear of God Athletics. Before that, he worked at Nike Inc. for over a decade, reaching the level of senior global design director of the Jordan Brand before leaving in 2014, the outlet details. 

Outside of Mayden’s work for big name footwear brands, he’s also the founder of his own brands including Super Heroic, a children’s clothing and footwear brand, and Trillicon Valley, a media and design collective. 

“In a time when diversity is a hotly discussed topic, Mayden founded Trillicon Valley in order to go beyond quotas and performative acts of diversity,” per Mayden’s LinkedIn. “The core mission of the award-winning design and strategy consultancy links diversity with youth culture and the tech sector. Trillicon Valley is about empowerment, belief, involving people of all walks of life, and providing them an opportunity to be heard and achieve more.”

Trillicon Valley has worked with Google, Disney, Spotify, NBA, NFL, MLB, Andreessen Horowitz, Fear of God, and more.

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