How UCLA Quarterback Chase Griffin Secured His First NIL Deal Thanks To LinkedIn

“It’s important to remember as athletes, whether or not you’re making money in NIL, that’s a four or five year journey,” Griffin told AfroTech. “Whether or not you go play pro, even if you’re Tom Brady, you’re playing for 20 years and after that you still have half your life ahead of you. In the professional world, LinkedIn, right now is the best networking tool while you’re still a student and it works best while you’re still a student. Some of the messages or cold calls or texts that you send out while you’re a student might get a reply in a way where if you weren’t a student anymore, they wouldn’t be as receptive.”

He continued: “So, take advantage while you’re still in school and build out a network where you connect with your classmates who are gonna end up starting unicorn level businesses. Or, you yourself are able to put your business dealings on a platform where people who can really affect you positively in that space can see what you’re doing.”

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