How This Employee Found the Perfect Fit at TIAA

How This Employee Found the Perfect Fit at TIAA

Ever gone to try on clothes while shopping and had to go through several iterations before you got it right? And all of a sudden, you find the perfect fit that meets all of your needs. This trial and error process, which sometimes can be tedious, led you to be confident that you made the right decision.

Although finding and landing a job is not as trivial as finding the perfect outfit for a night out, the principle of staying persistent and not settling for less than the best is the same.

Day after day, people are scrolling through many job search sites to land what they believe is their dream job. Companies are just as consistent as they seek to recruit talented people that can help them grow.

This marriage between talent and organizations is quite nuanced, but one that the people at TIAA believe they have a good grasp on.

TIAA is an over 100-year-old financial services organization that started with the aim to ensure educators have dignity in the retirement process and has now expanded beyond that. In its long history, the organization prides itself on innovation, connecting, and being the “best fit” for people who align with its work and culture.

AfroTech had the opportunity to speak with Director of Business Management, Marva Morris, to discuss her experience with TIAA.

Morris’ entry into the industry was an unusual one. However, like many people, she found her way to the right spot by quickly identifying what she did not want to do. Morris worked for a national bank and grew tired of her work. Although a conversation with her then-supervisor led to some change, she knew there was more for her.

And the change in her previous role and desire for more was preparation for where she is now.

“I moved over to TIAA doing kind of the same type of work,” Morris explained. “This role is blended where it’s half and half. I do a lot of internal communications, and then I have the opportunity to work on some technology through SharePoint, maintenance, app development, and automation.”

Morris’ work at TIAA is what she enjoys, but she admits it’s not the typical role that would jump out to a technologist. Her role combines the savviness of technology with the ability to tell stories – a combination that allows her to support TIAA’s associates and leaders. This unique position provides her with flexibility and the ability to really be an asset to her team.

But while Morris enjoys her work, she is actively working to grow and develop. And TIAA supports her professional development goals.

“There’s access to training in order to meet those goals. Last year I was able to start working on my green belt certification. And we moved from SharePoint on-premise to SharePoint online. And with that, there were a lot of different tools and things that I used to work with that were not being used for SharePoint online for my development,” Morris explained.

Growing, developing, and being in the right place professionally is critically important, but all that matters even more when the work culture is a fit. Morris is a mother of three, so work-life balance is vital as she navigates her demanding role.

The firm has a generous PTO program and policies that allow her to be more than an employee but also thrive in her role as a human outside of work.

“I can manage my workload, prioritize my business as usual, along with the things that are the surprises that come up through the week. I can manage that thoughtfully and be at home and be present with my children and not feel like I’m going to be working weekends and evenings to catch up,” Morris pointed out.

In addition to the work-life balance culture at TIAA, the firm also has several business resource groups for people to tap into. Morris is a member of two of them and has found community while also ensuring the work contributes and influences the company’s business.

For Morris, TIAA has been a place where she can thrive and secure her future, and for those interested in the firm, she hopes they can tap into their skills and create a similar experience. But she wouldn’t be where she is today without her network and mentors.

That’s a sentiment she wants to pay forward as she progresses in her career.

“I’ve been working in the communications and technology field for over 10 years. During that time, I have not only benefited from being mentored but have also served as a mentor myself,” Morris said. “In those connections, I have done my best to showcase that taking time to learn, grow, and develop skills that are outside of a person’s specific ‘job duties’ can lead to better opportunities, not only for yourself but also for those who follow you.”

Marva Morris tapped into her Fugees bag and took on a “Ready or Not” mentality as she entered the TIAA space. And the firm prides itself on being a good fit for great talent like Morris.

So, if you are searching for an innovative and inclusive workplace, click here to learn more.

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