How Nike Is Working To Fight Off 12 Billion Monthly Bot Submissions On The SNKRS App

Breakups are always tricky. From the heartbreak to the reminiscing of memories, experiencing a relational transition can be seen as one of life’s tragedies.

Although the beginning and end of a relationship are a natural part of human development, it doesn’t take away the sting when something special ends.

While many would encourage folks to turn the “L” into a lesson, what happens when it’s hard to say goodbye — so you just keep coming back? Or even worse, when the love you have isn’t even reciprocated?

This narrative may sound like the next great rom-com or the plot for a Shonda Rhimes spinoff. However, it is not the case here. This emotional rollercoaster actually refers to the reality of many sneakerheads and their experience with the Nike SNKRS app.

Week after week, the latest shoes drop on the app, and while many are successful in their purchases, other potential buyers are left with the all too common “YOUR ENTRY WASN’T SELECTED” notification — talk about a loss.

Despite this back and forth many sneaker fans experience, they seem to proverbially hold on to the 2006 words from Chingy: “Every time I try to leave, something keeps pulling me back – telling me I need you in my life.”

And it is that consistent tug coupled with the love for shoes that convinces consumers to return to SNKRS, as they battle bots and figure out algorithms in hopes of landing the latest release.

With the uptick in technological advances, bots are taking up so much space in the SNKRS space, leaving some wondering if their hard work and efforts will ever pay off.

The good news is that Nike is fighting back. The massive sneaker company doesn’t plan to keep dishing out heartbreak to those who love sneakers the most. In fact, it’s working on verifying submissions to the app and removing bots to even the playing field.

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