How Eddie Murphy Turned Comedy Genius Into A $200 Million Empire

If you were to ask a room full of 100 people what they first think of when they hear the name Eddie Murphy, you may receive a hundred different answers. Depending on your age and style of humor, you may know him as the visionary stand-up comedian, the resourceful take-no-prisoners movie cop, or even the fast-talking animated donkey. Regardless, Eddie Murphy has carved a lane for himself in the entertainment field as one of the most talented and prolific performers of the last several decades, amassing a net worth of over $200 million in the process. 

To calculate Eddie Murphy’s net worth, sources across the web have examined his prolific film career, his prudent business and real estate investments, among other recent ventures, arriving at the $200 million figure. Here’s a brief look into Eddie Murphy’s storied career, analyzing how he managed to go from humble roots in the Bushwick neighborhood of New York, to the multi-millionaire that he is today. 

Eddie Murphy’s Humble Beginnings

Eddie Murphy was born to a telephone operator mother and transit police officer father. His father dabbled in acting and stand-up comedy, though he never fully became a professional entertainer. Murphy’s family fell on hard times when Eddie was just eight years old, as his father was stabbed to death by a woman in an apparent crime of passion. In that same year, Eddie Murphy’s mother fell ill, and became incapable of caring for her children, resulting in Eddie and his older brother Charlie being placed in foster care for a year. This was a seminal time for Eddie Murphy, who claimed that his time in foster care helped to sharpen his wit and harden his resilience, making him a better stand-up comic in his adult years. 

From the age of 15, Murphy began listening to popular stand-up comedians such as Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby, prompting his decision to follow comedy as a career path. While still in high school, the young up-and-comer began skipping class to perform in local comedy clubs, eventually gaining local recognition as one of Bushwick’s rising stars. Before long, Murphy landed his first shot at national recognition, in the form of a slot on the Saturday Night Live cast. 

Murphy’s Comedy And Foray Into Screen Acting 

According to TheRichest, Eddy Murphy was paid $4,500 per episode on Saturday Night Live when he first joined the cast in 1980. Before long, Murphy’s rate rose to $30,000, as the decision-makers at NBC rapidly recognized the value that Murphy brought to the show. In 1983 and 1987 Eddie Murphy released his groundbreaking stand-up comedy specials Delirious and Raw, respectively. The two profanity-laced hour-long specials have continued to serve as highly influential works to stand-up comedians today, with many comedy fans calling them the greatest stand-up tapes of all time. 

Raw alone grossed over $50 million, and paved the way for Eddie Murphy to serve as a leading man in blockbuster films. Since making his first film appearance in 1982’s 48 Hrs, Murphy has amassed over 70 screen credits on IMDb, with such highlights as the Beverly Hills Cop trilogy, Dr. Doolittle, The Nutty Professor, and of course, the Shrek franchise. Murphy’s expansive filmography is said to have produced over $6 billion in profits worldwide, marking one of the most successful careers in comedy. 

Murphy’s Additional Financial Ventures 

While Eddie Murphy’s screen acting career is quite impressive, it isn’t the only factor in regard to his staggering net worth of $200 million. The Emmy Award winner has also managed to boost his financial portfolio with a series of real estate investments, including properties in California, New York, and New Jersey. Murphy’s crowning real estate achievement is his custom-built 10 bedroom 17 bathroom mansion in Beverly Hills. The sprawling 3.7 acre lot was first purchased in 2001, and currently has an estimated value of $20 million. In a stunning show of wealth, the prolific comedian also purchased a 15 acre island in the Bahamas in 2007, which reportedly cost $15 million. 

Other ventures such as a brief but successful singing career, a number of endorsement deals and advertising ventures, and a portfolio of investments round out Eddie Murphy’s net worth, showcasing his excellent financial acumen. 

Murphy’s Future Ventures 

Eddie Murphy signed a deal with Netflix back in 2019 to produce new stand-up comedy specials for the first time in several decades, for a reported figure of $70 million. Though no new Eddie Murphy comedy specials have arrived on the streamer yet, fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the upcoming material. Furthermore, Murphy is poised to reprise his role as Axel Foley in an upcoming fourth installment of the Beverly Hills Cop franchise, and even take the leading role in an untitled George Clinton biopic. Obviously, Murphy is not content to rest on his ambitions, as the wealthy multi-hyphenate continues to find new and exciting projects to work on.

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