How Devin Haney Boxed His Way Into A $6 Million Net Worth

How Devin Haney Boxed His Way Into A  Million Net Worth

Devin Haney has seen great success in the ring, as a world-class boxer with multiple world championship titles. Haney recently received viral attention outside of the boxing world for his pay-per-view WBC super lightweight fight against Ryan Garcia, which picked up tons of steam on TikTok due to Garcia’s erratic behavior in the days leading up to the match. While Devin Haney ultimately lost the match via majority-decision, he was able to retain his WBC junior lightweight title, thanks to Garcia weighing in at 3.2 pounds over the maximum 140-pound limit.

According to Marca, Devin Haney currently holds an estimated net worth of $6 million, earned primarily through his boxing career and endorsement deals. Though the 25-year-old millionaire has not yet diversified his portfolio with a wide array of ventures and investments, he has displayed his financial wisdom before, meaning the boxing champion will likely branch out into numerous options as he continues pushing his career forward. For now, let’s examine the life and work of Devin Haney, and understand the moves he made to amass his $6 million net worth.

Haney’s Early Life

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Devin Haney was born in 1998 in San Francisco, California. According to a 2019 interview with Sporting News, Haney claims that he began boxing at the young age of 7, following a number of scuffles in school. In the interview, the now-professional boxer explained “I was getting into a lot of fights at a young age, so my dad decided to take me to the gym. He told me, ‘If you’re going to fight, I’m going to teach you the right way at a gym and you’re going to get beat up there. Every time you get into a fight, I’m going to immediately take you right back to the gym until you stop.’ He took me to the gym pretty much all the time. I really liked going there. I liked it and I never stopped.”

Haney also says that other adults in his life, such as his mother and grandmother, criticized his father for pushing him into the boxing ring, though the decision ultimately paid off in dividends now that his career has become the cultural touchstone that it is. At 14, Devin Haney moved with his father to Las Vegas, where he grew up watching prize fights throughout his teenage years. Once he broke into the ring himself, Devin Haney got his professional start in Tijuana, Mexico. There, he took on 4 opponents from December 2015 through March 2016. Three of the matches ended with knock-outs at the hands of Haney.

Boxing Career

Following his success in Mexico, the rising star fought Rafael Vazquez at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Nevada, winning the match by decision. From there, Devin Haney’s success continued in the U.S. market, with a string of wins eventually landing him an undefeated 31-0 record. During this impressive 31-fight winning streak, 15 of Devin Haney’s wins came from knock-outs, while the other 16 were by decision. Haney’s impressive record included successful matches against the likes of Carlos Castillo, Maximino Toala, Juan Carlos Burgos, Xolisani Ndongeni, and Vasiliy Lomachenko. 

Devin Haney’s bout with Vasiliy Lomachenko is regarded as one of his most financially lucrative, as the single match brought in over $4 million for Haney’s fight purse. Haney also inked a deal ahead of the match which saw him receiving an unknown percentage of the pay-per-view revenue from the fight. Other significant fights which bolstered Devin Haney’s net worth were his match against George Kambosos Jr., which brought in over $2.8 million, as well as his recent bout with Ryan Garcia, which serves as Haney’s first ever recorded loss.

Loss To Ryan Garcia

Devin Haney was highly favored in the match against Ryan Garcia, as the latter spent several weeks leading up to the fight behaving strangely. As the April 2024 match was approaching, Garcia arrived at weigh-ins drunk and overweight, made a number of bizarre and inflammatory public statements, and appeared to be visibly under the influence of cocaine in a number of now-viral videos. Of course, it would later be revealed that Garcia had been intentionally misrepresenting himself as a sloppy and unreliable fighter, in order to tip the odds against him for a massive financial payout. Garcia is estimated to have received more than $30 million in the landmark fight, which went all 12 rounds before concluding by judges decision.

Endorsement Deals

While most of Devin Haney’s net worth comes from his boxing salary and cut of pay-per-view funds, the top-tier fighter has also brought in massive sums with his endorsement deals. Over the course of his career, Haney has partnered with Monster Energy, Puma, and Everlast boxing equipment. While he has never explicitly disclosed his earnings from brand deals, it’s clear that Devin Haney has taken in a fair amount of cash, as his Instagram page frequently showcases investments in high-priced art and luxury cars.

Devin Haney may have suffered a minor setback in his bout with Garcia in 2024, though his career is still just getting started in the grand scheme. As a devout muslim, Haney has vowed to take some time to himself during Ramadan before returning to the gym to get right back on track. For now, the boxer has an estimated net worth of $6 million, though this figure is likely to continue growing exponentially in the coming years.

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