Carmelo Anthony Is Taking His Basketball Skills To Australia As A New Owner In The National Basketball League

Despite retiring from the NBA after an illustrious 19-season career, Carmelo Anthony’s impact on the sport is set to continue in a significant way.

According to Andscape, Anthony will become the new ambassador of Australia’s National Basketball League (NBL) and owner of one of the league’s future expansion teams. The NBL is the premier basketball league in Australia and New Zealand and currently has 10 teams.

While the location of the future expansion team remains a mystery, National Basketball League President Larry Kestelman and Carmelo Anthony are set to forge a strategic partnership to determine the ideal spot for a new team.

“He is someone whose vision for the game is global and has influence to help young players actually succeed and get ready for the big stage of the NBA,” Kestelman told the outlet about the deal. “We’re going to work for him to look at the right place, the right team to get involved with, where he can influence a lot of individuals, help them grow, and mentor them on their pathway to the NBA. Couldn’t be more excited.”

Part of the excitement surrounding this partnership is the 40-year-old’s hands-on role as the global ambassador for the NBL’s Next Stars program. This initiative, known for nurturing and showcasing emerging talent, has a proven track record of producing NBA stars. Notable alumni include Josh Giddey, LaMelo Ball, and Ousmane Dieng. The program’s future looks bright, with potential No. 1 pick in the 2024 draft, Alexandre Sarr, also expected to join its ranks.

“It’s time that the rest of the world knows exactly what’s happening over there in Australia and the excitement from around the rest of the world that’s happening for the NBL,” Anthony told Andscape. “The NBA draft is about to happen. So, you’ll start seeing those pipelines of players coming from the Stars program here to the NBA.”

He continued: “I get a chance to be a part of it in a very integral way, in a very pivotal way where we’re opening up doors and connecting players; we’re connecting the game of basketball from a global standpoint. I’m excited about it.”

Although the former New York Knicks power forward is excited about his role as ambassador and future ownership in an NBL team, this move lays the groundwork for something else he desires — taking his ownership moves to the NBA.

“Now. I want it now,” Anthony admitted regarding NBA ownership. “And that’s something that I’m working towards as we speak. So, I’m actually excited about those opportunities.”

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