Cardi B Says She Worth More Than The $80M Net Worth That The Internet Estimates — And Here’s What She Says Pays Her The Most

Cardi B is always going to stand on business while being about her business.

The “Invasion of Privacy” artist recently took to Instagram sharing that four of her songs are now in Spotify’s Billions Club. The singles listed are “Girls Like You (Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B),” “WAP (ft. Megan Thee Stallion),” “I Like It (J Balvin, Bad Bunny),” and “Taki Taki (Selena Gomez, Ozuna, Cardi B, DJ Snake),” per Essence.

“Wooow I got FOUR songs that hit the billion mark on Spotify…I’m soooo excited to put out new music and reach even more milestones. Thank you sooo much everyone for listening, it really means alot to me.. I can’t wait for you to see and hear what’s next,” Cardi B wrote on Instagram.

Since the release of her debut album on April 6, 2018, Cardi B has remained in high demand. The proof is in the numbers. During an interview, she shared a text conversation with Rolling Stone staff writer Mankaprr Conteh regarding an offer she had received for a performance.

“This is not even about bragging,” Cardi B said about a graphic a manager sent by text that appeared to show she would be compensated $1.5 million.

“That’s for one show,” Cardi B explained.

What’s more, the manager noted to the artist he believed her compensation could rise even higher, reaching $2 million. However, although it is certainly a pretty penny, she makes it clear that money isn’t her only driver.

“If I was doing things for money, I would put out music every month because nothing pays me more than shows,” she told Rolling Stone. “I’m turning down these concerts because I don’t got no new music.”

While Cardi B says herself that shows are her highest compensation, she is certainly still profiting and fairing well in other industries. As AFROTECH™ previously reported, her Whipshots venture, consisting of non-dairy whipped cream infused with vodka and offered in partnership with Starco Brands, sold 2 million cans since its inception as of March 2023.

What’s more, with over 190 million followers across Instagram and TikTok, Cardi B is also reaping the benefits of brand deals. In a tweet shared on April 3, 2024, she mentioned being paid $200 a post from her first brand deal. Today, her paychecks now exceed $5 million per campaign.

“Right now I get brand deals for over $5 million for a campaign… I got social media famous in 2014…my first brand deal from Fashion Nova was in 2016 and $200 a post. You could reach any height no matter how ghetto or where you come from. Just remember the key is to be patient and be humble,” Cardi B wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

She is estimated to be worth $80 million, per Celebrity Network. However, she is worth more than the reported number she told Complex.

“I made a lot of money. I made a lot of money…I feel like I actually passed almost doing $88 million. I make a lot of money,” Cardi B said.


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