Bun B Reveals He Wants To Sell Trill Burgers In The Future — ‘My Plan Is To Build This Up To A High Level Of Valuation’

One win on Trill Burgers’ growing list was reportedly selling over 53,000 burgers in one month after opening its brick-and-mortar location in Houston, TX, as previously reported by AFROTECH.

While the company has greatly expanded over the span of almost three years, there was once a time when its finances weren’t in order.

“Just to be very honest, we went through a period in this company where we were not where we thought we were financially,” Bun B told AFROTECH during Honeyland Festival. “And there had been misappropriation of funds. We had to really build this company up from next to nothing, but we knew that we had a solid product, and the team that we had left was committed to fulfilling that promise that we gave to each other about putting the best foot forward with this burger.”

“And we came back stronger than ever,” he continued. “So, I am proud of the fact that this company has weathered the storm. We’ve had little issues. We’ve had major issues, but we’ve been able to continuously present this burger to people.”

After building Trill Burgers from the ground up and overcoming numerous challenges, Bun B aims for his work in the service industry to aid in creating more generational wealth outside of what he’s built as a Hip-Hop legend.

In an interview with “Earn Your Leisure” podcast, he revealed one of the key ways he plans to ensure that Trill Burgers has longevity — selling the company.

“My plan is to build this up to a high level of valuation, and when I get there I’m going to sell this company,” Bun B openly shared on the podcast. “That’s it. My job is to provide a product. People buy their product. And I build this brand up.”

What’s more, Bun B shared that ultimately he sees Trill Burgers as more than just an opportunity for additional income. As members of his family work at the restaurant, he wants it to be a place that sparks business expertise for the next generation.

“This is somewhere where I would love for everybody that owns Trill Burgers, for our kids to get their first jobs at Trill Burgers to learn different skills,” he said during the episode. “For us to be able to send our kids to college specifically for a skillset that will come back and benefit this brand — finance, management, real estate, whatever.”

He added, “I never looked at my rap career as something I wanted my kids to do. That’s not the world I wanted my kids to grow up in and conquer. This is something tangible that I can leave to the next generation of me that they can actually sow into. They just have to want to.”

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