Black Woman-Owned Hypoallergenic Braiding Hair Company Dosso Beauty Is Putting Roots Down In Its First-Ever Retail Store

Black Woman-Owned Hypoallergenic Braiding Hair Company Dosso Beauty Is Putting Roots Down In Its First-Ever Retail Store

This Philadelphia, PA, native is transforming her e-commerce startup into a new luxury experience.

Kadidja Dosso founded the e-commerce shop Dosso Beauty, a clinically tested, hypoallergenic braiding hair company. In an interview with FOX29 Philadelphia, Dosso shared that the company has been a game changer for more than 50,000 women who suffer from allergic reactions from braiding hair due to toxic chemicals.

Dosso launched Dosso Beauty in 2018 after experiencing a horrible allergic reaction to braiding hair, along with a history of scalp and skin sensitivity. 

While Dosso has had six years of success selling Dosso Beauty products on its e-commerce site, Amazon, GoPuff, DoorDash, independent retail stores, and hair salons, she is ready for the next step.

In Dosso’s interview with FOX29, she shared her plans to open the company’s first-ever brick-and-mortar store in July 2024 in Philadelphia, PA. She also plans to open a luxury braid salon within the store called The Dosso Beauty Experience, per information provided to AFROTECH™.

“We did it y’all,” Dosso wrote in an Instagram post. “The secret is out and we’re officially opening our FIRST BRICK AND MORTAR STORE and LUXURY BRAID SALON! Beyond providing products and solutions to for sensitive scalp and skin, we’ve been keen on building a community and space where everyone can experience beauty that is intentionally good for us and by us. You’ll now be able to experience it all within our one-stop and Dosso Beauty Experience. We can’t thank you all enough for being a part of the journey with us, and we’re so excited about the opportunity to continue to build with you.”

According to information shared with AFROTECH™, Dosso Beauty’s upcoming luxury braid salon intends to provide jobs for more than 10 people in Philadelphia in 2024. Additionally, the salon’s stylists and associates are set to receive additional education on financial literacy, business management, customer relationship management, and professionalism through its Dosso Beauty Academy.

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