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Do you have a favorite place to shop?
My favorite place to shop this season is Zara because they’ve become my staple for fall basics. Other retailers that I love shopping at include Uniqlo, Loft and more specifically their Lou & Grey line, Piperlime, and Sephora as well as Lululemon and Athleta. I love mixing in athletic pieces into my everyday looks.
How do you keep your skin looking and feeling ​its best during the fall? Any moisturizers, cleansers, oil pads, etc?​
Coconut oil is probably my favorite product at the moment as a body moisturizer, a nighttime face moisturizer, and as a makeup remover. It’s ridiculous how many different ways this one product can be used. Aside from using it on my face and body, coconut oil does a great job at moisturizing the ends of my hair!
What’s one thing that you think is the biggest ​fall​ trend or soon-to-be?
The biggest fall trend year after year is plaid! You can wear plaid in so many different ways that it never gets old. My favorite way to wear plaid this season is  by wearing a minimalistic or monochromatic outfit and adding on a plaid scarf or jacket to make a statement.  
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