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Kylee Gwartney:

What are your favorite pieces from your wardrobe?
Can all of my Lilly Pulitzer dresses count?! I love how vibrant and girly they are, and how you can easily take them from day to night. They work for any occasion and always look cute! I still wear Lilly dresses that I bought back in high school. My other favorite piece isn’t actually clothing, but I wear it every single day. For my college graduation present, my mom had some of my dad’s diamonds made into an amazing ring for me! He passed away when I was 16, but I always get to have a piece of him with me now. The best kind of fashion is the kind that ties you to people and places you love!
How do you pick your outfit for the day?
I pretty much just walk in my closet and grab whatever strikes me that day without any regard for the weather. I’ve been known to show up to work in dresses when it’s 40 degrees out because I’m so hot-natured!
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Describe the perfect, comfortable shoes for the modern day woman-on-the-go.
When it comes to comfort, I automatically think of Sperry’s! They make the comfiest shoes ever and offer more than just boat shoes. I really like these ivory and cognac flats! They go with practically anything.

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