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Hanna Hotsyk: Dream. Love. Shop.

Do you have a favorite place(s) to shop?
The shop where I can find something anytime is Zara. Affordable prices and latest trends are their keys to success. Also I love Galeries Lafayette when I am in France — lots of good brands conveniently combined together.
How do you keep your skin looking and feeling healthy during the fall? Any sunscreen protectors, lotion, etc.?
In autumn, as always, your skin wants you to moisturise it. And especially during the cold days when I come home so tired, I love applying on my face the Benefit moisturising cream and sitting calmly with a cup of tea. Also not to become completely pale, from time to time I use Clarins Liquid Bronze Self tanning lotion. It makes my skin so smooth and gives it a healthy look.
What’s the one thing that you think is the biggest fall trend or soon-to-be?
When I am thinking about once piece of clothing that gained huge popularity this season, a poncho comes to my mind. Burberry started this trend and now you can see all the celebrities wearing warm-colored ponchos.
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Hanna Hotsyk: Dream. Love. Shop.: Photo credit to Hanna Hotsyk of Dream. Love. Shop.

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