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How to Build an Instagram Content Strategy That Lasts

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The content output you produce for your Instagram account has to be of exceptional quality. Followers expect the best, and that’s exactly what you need to give them in order to keep them for years to come and even try your luck in converting them into paying customers. Creating a solid content strategy for any social media channel is quite difficult. However, Instagram is an entirely different conversation. It is a visually focused channel and those that have mastered the lens and the photo editing tools can easily create content that will captivate their audience. If you have what it takes skill-wise but don’t have any ideas, below we will share some fresh trends you can use to charm your Insta followers and even land on the Instagram Explore page.

Do It Differently

As soon as you open Instagram, you can quickly notice a cookie-cutter pattern of content in the feed, regardless of who you follow. The hashtags and captions used are all the same, and when everyone is going in one direction, it’s very easy to gain traction by heading the outer route. Breaking away from patterns can be extremely beneficial for business. This does not mean that you shouldn’t keep up with the latest trends, but uniqueness always yields positive results. Add hashtags that resonate with your brand’s messages and write descriptive captions that add value to the visuals represented in your post. Since thinking of unique hashtags can be a bit difficult, you can freely use tools to find the best ones. Luckily, there are many hashtag generators available, so don’t hesitate to use them.

On the topic of tools, don’t cut your search short as soon as you find a hashtag generator. Look for the best free Instagram tools that you can use to better optimize your account, embellish your already visually pleasing posts, and, on top of that, say ahead of the competition by keeping an eye on them anonymously with profile analyzers. Having these tools at your disposal will enable you to always be equipped with the right material to improve your content output each time you launch a post. You also need to ensure that it is fresh so that your audience always finds something unique with each activity of yours.

Spin The Reel

Instagram strategyAs things stand, it seems that everyone’s favorite feature is Instagram Reels. As soon as it was added to the app, it quickly became the second most popular feature on Instagram, next to Stories. Reels are a great way to create fun, short-form videos that encourage creativity and engagement on the platform. What makes it special compared to other Insta features is that it gives you everything you might need to reach a wider audience. 

Generally speaking, Reels can never get stale. They are short clips that foster entertainment, and to captivate your audience all you have to do is insert the right audio track and add a few emojis. If the content is entertaining, you can rest assured that it will be viewed for months on end by all Instagram users, bringing you new followers and broadening your brand’s reach.

Since Reels can be really tricky to get it right, prepare at least one month’s worth of Reel content before starting to post. Experiment with what audiences react to online. Is it informativeness or pure entrainment? After you determine that, you can better devise your content strategy and ensure that your content will last on the internet for a long time.

Be Active

Having a constant presence on Instagram is essential to achieving success. To keep your content recognizable and engaging, posting regularly is key. Additionally, maintaining consistency in content type, imagery, and messaging ensures content longevity. 

It’s also important to be consistent with the core message that you want to be associated with to establish yourself as an authority figure in your space and foster trust with viewers. Taking the time to ensure each post feels cohesive will not only encourage more visits to your page but also repeat customers who stay engaged with what you’re sharing.

Bottom Line

If you plan your content strategy wisely, you can rest assured that it will pay off for months, even years, after you deploy it. Instagram is the perfect place to showcase your creativity as it’s one of the most popular social media channels used by various types of people of all ages.

Besides helping you show your creative side, it can also help you bridge the gap between your brand and consumers. You can build a long-lasting relationship with your followers but only if you do it right. Follow the tips in this post if you are interested in Instagram content that converts, lasts, and is fun to watch.

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