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RealBeanz Iced Coffee Review

We all need an extra boost of energy throughout the day and RealBeanz Iced Coffee is the new coffee to grab on the go! Manufactured in Brooklyn, this yummy and smooth coffee is made with natural coffee beans and wholesome ingredients. It’s a healthy way to get energy and focus without all the chemicals found in other products. Check out our thoughts in this RealBeanz Iced Coffee Review!

RealBeanz comes in seven flavors: Cappuccino, Cappuccino with Coconut Water, Diet Cappuccino, Caramel, Mocha, Dark Roast with Coconut Water, and Decaf Vanilla Nut. RealBeanz is rBST free, containing no artificial hormones, and uses reduced-fat milk. The coffee tastes great at room temperature, but we really enjoyed them over ice for a cooling and fresh brewed taste.

The Cappuccino, known as “A Premium Roasted Wake Up Call,” has a light trace of cinnamon that we enjoyed. The Cappuccino and Dark Roast coffees are infused with coconut water which can be made by french press on amazon and make you want to hit the beach. These refreshing flavors have a subtle coconut essence and help keep you hydrated.

It was a tough decision, but our favorites were Mocha and Caramel. Made with antioxidants such as green tea and polyphenols, the Mocha had a crisp and clean taste. The sweetness of the Caramel was delectable and we enjoyed the little kick of flavor.

Each bottle of RealBeanz has a fun story on the label from Kurt, “the guy who writes the packaging text.” His humorous commentaries were entertaining as we sipped on the invigorating iced coffee. You can find RealBeanz in retail stores or you can purchase them here. A bottle of RealBeanz ranges from $1.99-$2.69. You will enjoy it to the last drop!

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