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P!nk Speaks Her Mind With “Hurts 2B Human”

The fierce and bold P!nk released her 8th studio album Hurts 2B Human this past Friday and it’s nothing short of what we expected. This album gives us a glimpse into her mind as it is centered around love, hardships, and relationships. Featuring several guest artists and song-writers like Sia, Teddy Geiger, Chris Stapleton, Cash Cash, and more, Hurts 2B Human  is stacked with some pop anthems, and some slower ballads.

    The album kicks off strong with “Hustle”, an upbeat banger that basically warns anyone not to mess with P!nk. Through years of overcoming adversity, P!nk has learned to not put up with anyone’s nonsense. Another upbeat, dancy song would be “Can We Pretend” featuring Cash Cash, where P!nk explores what life would be like if we could pretend everything was the way we wanted it. Besides these two songs, most of the others have a slower tempo with a more delicate message.

    “Happy”, co-written by Teddy Geiger conveys a message of acceptance, for everyone out there afraid to be themselves. Whereas, songs like “Walk Me Home” and the album title, “Hurts 2B Human” relay how life can be unpredictable and how it’s comforting to have someone by your side, a tribute to all the friends and family members that stick around. Relationships are a big theme in this album, how comforting but also scary they can be. “Attic” tells the story of a person scared to let someone into their metaphorical attic where all their secrets are hidden.  

    Most of the album is right on par with what we expect and love from P!nk, but a few songs on the album were less than favorable. “Love Me Anyway”, featuring Chris Stapleton, has a beautiful message but the lyrics are repetitive and their two voices don’t mesh very well. It doesn’t fit very well with the vibe of the album. The echoes and the vocals on “The Last Song of Your Life” also don’t mesh well with the album, and just don’t sound like the P!nk we are used to.

    Overall, P!nk produced a very deep and personal album that fans are responding well to. Her passionate voice and her thoughtful lyrics are what make this album great!


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P!nk Speaks Her Mind With “Hurts 2B Human”. Features Image Credit: RCA Records