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Netflix Originals Everyone’s Talking About in 2021

With quarantine still ongoing, there’s not much else to do but watch Netflix. This list will give you a brief synopsis of Netflix Originals that have caught everyone’s interest. Hopefully, you’ll find a new show to binge!

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Bridgerton- This series is set during the Regency Era in England. It centers around the Bridgerton family as they introduce their daughter into society. However, an anonymous gossip column causes issues by revealing the community’s secrets. Bridgerton currently has one season out with eight episodes making it a quick watch. Following its debut, Bridgerton quickly became number one on Netflix’s Trending List. 

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Sweet Home- This horror series is a webtoon to live action adaptation. It follows a teenager who finds himself alone in the middle of an apocalypse. But, he makes allies and fights alongside them against monsters. Sweet Home currently has one season with ten episodes out and is trending worldwide on Netflix.


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Night Stalker- This docuseries is about notorious serial killer Richard Ramirez. Throughout the four-part series, two detectives are on the hunt for Ramirez as he terrorizes Los Angeles. This docuseries is a captivating watch especially, if you love true crime. (Be warned it is a bit graphic)

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Bling Empire- This reality show follows the lives of rich Asians and Asian Americans in L.A. It looks into the lives of the rich and how they deal with problems that they encounter. Bling Empire will also quickly become your next favorite if you enjoy shows like The Kardashians as well as The Real Housewives. 


Lupin- This French action and adventure series tells the tale of a thief who is on a journey to avenge his father. He uses his skills as a master of disguise to outwit the police that are on his tail. Lupin will certainly keep you on your toes throughout all five parts. Starring Omar Sy from the Intouchables, Lupin is definitely a must watch!

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Cobra Kai-  This Netflix Originals’ based off of the Karate Kid films. It gives audiences a look into the lives of their favorite Karate Kid characters years after the events of the last movie. Cobra Kai focuses on the children of the characters, Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence. Though the series may come off as a show for young adults, it can be enjoyed by all ages. Fans of the classic Karate Kid movies will surely enjoy the nostalgia this series brings. 

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