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Hydrate Your Fall

With a health craze sweeping the nation, It’s important to stay informed about what is and isn’t good for your body. Now, if you know anything about your body, you know it can’t survive without water. Since this isn’t a secret and plastic water bottles are convenient, America has spent billions of dollars getting rid of waste from the sudden rise of plastic water bottles. Luckily, Cliché has had the amazing opportunity to find a product that not only reduces the amount of waste we accumulate but also saves us money! I’m talking about Sigg bottles.
Sigg is a company that has produced water bottles for over 100 years. Their aim is to produce “ecologically sound, reusable and ultimately, easily recycled” bottles that not only are safe for the environment, but also chic!  Recently, they’ve revamped their bottle with a new liner to make it more human and environmentally friendly. This new liner makes the bottle neutral to any liquid it contains, in addition to no metallic taste from the bottle itself. This means there won’t be a residual taste from the protein shake you had this morning in your water at the gym tonight.
Although all of this is amazing, my favorite thing about Sigg bottles are the chic designs that make carrying them around a reward and not a chore! With brand designs like Hello Kitty and Tony Hawk, as well as subtle designs, everything from chic to solid colors, there is a bottle for everyone. They even offer wide mouth bottles so it’s easy to add ice cubes. I chose the white bottle with gold feathers and the white snow leopard bottle, and I can’t even begin to talk about how many compliments I’ve received. I’ve dropped my bottle, left it in my car overnight, and carried it around continuously all day, and it still looks good as new. There are a lot of other bottles out there, but Sigg has exceeded all my expectations and has definitely released a great product.
Sigg bottles retail for around $18.99 – $28.99 .

Photo courtesy of SIGG Switzerland.

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