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Get in the Mood With Mac Miller’s ‘The Divine Feminine’

There are no illusions that Mac Miller is all about sex in his fourth studio album, The Divine Feminine. The cover art a whimsical shade of pink, The Divine Feminine is a tribute to women’s sexuality and feminine vibes. Revealing a more tender, vulnerable side of himself, Mac Miller demonstrates how a woman’s more compassionate outlook and the pleasures they can provide has saved him. Expressing his struggles with his battle with addiction and his own insecurities, Mac Miller embraces the gifts of femininity in his latest project. Controversial in its content, The Divine Feminine can be seen as misogynistic in his vulgar and highly sexual lyrics, yet it can also be viewed as a revolutionary project that will shift how rappers view and portray women in their own music. Meticulous with instrumentals and intent on creating a smooth, jazzy flow filled with double entendres and innuendos, The Divine Feminine is the go-to “cuffing season” playlist.

It is impossible not to connect Mac Miller’s more romantic project with songstress Ariana Grande. Making an adorable, dorky duo, Mac Miller and Ariana Grande have been flooding social media with their budding, newfound romance. With the extreme sensuality to his album, it is obvious that the pop singer has had a great influence on The Divine Feminine, which she even makes an appearance on the song “My Favorite Part.”  


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Romance on Miller’s mind, the instrumentals set the mood, switching up from seductively smooth to upbeat and catchy. The first song “Congratulations” introduces us to the 10-track album, setting a more musical, romantic tone. With a dream-like quality, Mac Miller croons about a woman in his life, a gentle yearning for her love. The piano harmonizing in the background, Mac Miller reveals his strong, resounding emotions for this unnamed girl in his life. Since this summer, we have been jamming to Mac Miller’s “Dang!”, which features the funky singer Anderson. Paak. In “Stay,” Mac Miller yearns for a woman to stay with him a little longer, which then ends in a chorus of exaggerated moans.

Switching from love to lust, Mac Miller slowly seduces us with “Skin,” a raunchy, sexual track which the rapper expresses about the more physical side of femininity. Joining Mac Miller, Ty Dolla $ign adds his amazing vocals in the song “Cinderella.” Once again, Mac Miller is vivid in his imagery as he talks about an unnamed woman with whom he is infatuated.
“My Favorite Part” featuring Ariana Grande is a must-listen. Spotlighting the couple harmonizing together, this track makes them a powerful duo. With Ariana Grande’s throaty, lush vocals, and Mac Miller’s stark honesty, this song will get you in the mood for romance.
With love songs that promise debauchery, I am both surprised and pleased with this album. Hip-Hop is normally associated with violence and drugs, but Mac Miller has brought back vulnerability in the genre.
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Get in the Mood with Mac Miller’s The Divine Feminine: Featured image curtsey of The Divine Feminine  

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