A Gentleman’s Guide to Dating


A Gentleman’s Guide to Dating

If you can’t remember the last time you had a second date, it may be the right time to re-evaluate your dating technique. First dates are hard; there’s the need to impress, the worry about awkward silences and the hesitant first kiss, and according to new research by AXA, we only have 12 minutes in which to make good impression!
Below are some useful dos and don’ts to ensure you come across as a true gentleman:
Look Your Best
It’s likely your date has spent hours deciding what to wear, and then hours getting herself ready. If it means you have to go out and buy a new shirt or a new pair of jeans, do it. You want to show your date you know how to take care of yourself, but in a non show-off kind of way. You also want to make sure you look as good as your profile photo on this awesome site, My Single Friend. Dress up a little and go for a smart casual look, especially if you’re going out for dinner or drinks.
Don’t Be Late
No matter how busy your day is and how far away you live from the restaurant, do not be late. If you’re not picking her up, be at least 15-20 minutes early. She is bound to feel much more relaxed when she walks in knowing that you’re already waiting for her.
Turn Off Your Phone
Sitting at the table checking your phone and texting your friends does not make a very good first impression. Turn it off at the start of the date, not on silent, completely off. You can turn it back on later when you send her that all important ‘it was lovely to meet you, when can we do it again’ text.
Compliments Are Essentialstefano santucco
Be sure to compliment your date, women like reassurance when it comes to their appearance, but whatever you do, don’t start rolling off the cheesy chat-up lines. Keep the conversation flowing by taking an interest in her life, job or anything else that she likes to talk about and open up about your life, family and friends too. Share stories and memories, and be sure to give her a laugh or two.
Don’t Be Cheap
It says a lot about you as a gentleman if you offer to pay, and the majority of women really appreciate this show of generosity. Make sure you offer to pay and don’t take no for an answer. As well as being a kind gesture, offering to pay is a good way to get a feeling about how the date is going. If she offers to pay, kindly refuse and say that it is your pleasure.
Kiss Her
If the date has gone well, go in for the kiss at the end. A recent survey by Female First revealed that 29% of Brits would go back in time in order to change elements about their first dates with the biggest one being not making the first move. Why not go for it?
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