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Game of Thrones
Wow …. HBO’s Game of Thrones never looked so good, thanks to the photo/film retouch artists. It’s amazing how much work it takes for a magazine photo shoot. Yes, you have the photographer, fashion stylist, makeup and hair artists, but a sometimes forgotten member of the team is the retouch artist. Meet Alyssa June, an extraordinary photo retouch artist and editor, creating magic when the photo, makeup, hair or fashion aren’t quite perfect.
During a recent interview, Alyssa mentioned, “I’ve always had an interest in photography, the act, the result, the unexplained feeling you get when you capture that perfect moment. But sometimes life gets in the way of a photo shoot and gives you a present in the form of a zit! Or maybe everything was just right for the perfect shot and someone walks past in the background. There are things we can’t always be in control of and that’s where retouching comes in.”
“I think a lot of society look down on retouching and think it’s all a big hoax to make a person look like something they’re not. While some forms of post processing can be much more detailed and super natural, that’s not always the case. I do my work in a non-destructive way. Most of the time it’s natural and you wouldn’t be able to notice. Sometimes I go for a little more of a dramatic look. I work with photographers from around the world who each have their own styles and desires. Retouching is definitely not something you can sum up with one word!”
She is one of the best. Check out her work at
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