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Twelve Days of Music – Day 9 – Mitchy Collins

Cliché Magazine is counting down to Christmas by sharing
12 holiday interviews with 12 amazing artists!

Here we are featuring Mitchy Collins of Oh Honey! We spoke with Mitchy about his mature wishlist to what Christmas song makes him cringe!

What is on your holiday wish list?
Hmm… maybe some new vinyl would be cool, some art or photos to hang in my apartment or maybe a nice set of pots and pans… some clothes would be nice. It’s funny how your wish list changes as you get older. and also I’m always dreaming about a 1941 Gibson J-45.

Do you have any holiday traditions?
We don’t do it so much anymore… But when I was younger, every Christmas Eve my family and I would go to the grocery store and each buy a couple TV dinners and that’s all we could eat Christmas day… Just hang out in our PJs, eat TV dinners, and watch movies… I miss that.

What Christmas movie do you always find yourself watching no matter how many times you have seen it?
100% A Christmas Story. It’s the best one. Duh. You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!

Everyone has a favorite holiday song, but which one makes you cringe?
I really can’t stand listening to “Chestnuts Roasting on An Open Fire.” I don’t know — there’s just something about it.

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Twelve Days of Music – Day 9 – Mitchy Collins: Photographed by Shanna Fisher

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