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Tinashe & Company: Nightride vs. Joyride

It was midnight on Jan. 6 and fans were buzzing: “Tinashe is dropping a music video!” After releasing her album “Nightride” to positive reviews, the spotlight on the ‘Tinashe sound’ kept strong. “Company,” originally released on Sept. 16, 2016, also features on “Nightride.” “Nightride” is the yin to Tinashe’s yang that is the long-awaited “Joyride”, her sophomore album that keeps getting pushed back due to personal reflection on its sound, and differing opinions from label RCA. We go behind Tinashe & Company and Nightride vs. Joyride. “Company” shows the artist at her best, and gives new and longtime fans a look into one of her passions – dance.


Company’s Highlights
Taking it back to early millennial music videos, or even Ciara’s “Ride,” Tinashe and choreographer JoJo Gomez, become a line of women with advanced drops and ticks, as Tinashe wishes for time with that special someone. The song is memorable due to the chiptune (think of that old Gameboy beeping) and trap drum riffs, through Tinashe’s soprano melody. The video is seemingly one take (clever editing), but Tinashe dances with her girls, and all the guys while the very simple set flickers and shifts during various parts of the dance.
“Company” is another visual for Tinashe’s mainstream sound, and “Nightride” era. It provides more buzz for her talent as a dancer. The highlights of the video were the pre-chorus breakdowns: “I just want some company, company / I just need some company, company”, the fall of the main instrumentals at 2:45 as the light alternates and the slowed ending. Added to flow with the vibe of “Nightride”, the ending is warped: “Come to me, I don’t wanna be the one you’ll need / I just wanna be the one you’ll see every now and then”. She gives a final show and smiles as the dissonant harmonies fade out.
Tinashe & Company: Nightride vs. Joyride. The Yin & Yang
Produced and written by The-Dream, “Company,” is a different kind of sound versus “Superlove,” the previous single, also produced by The-Dream. She sings of the ways she can please her special someone: “Put it down, boy, put it down and make me act all crazy / I might let you change me, boy I can arrange it”, and the idea of commitment. The song is retro and appealing, as Tinashe dubs herself Uncle Luke of 2LiveCrew, a Miami bass staple. It is, however, another case of her mainstream approach some fans hope Tinashe stays away from. Too light and ‘poppish’ in nature. But “Superlove” and “Company”, may be what the double release of “Nightride/Joyride” hopes to be. Two sides of the same coin (yin and yang), both emphasizing Tinashe’s versatility as an artist for longtime and new fans.
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Tinashe & Company: Nightride vs. Joyride. Image courtesy of Tinashe/RCA.

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