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TALIA Explores Mad Love and Messy Endings in Debut EP ‘headrush’


One of Brooklyn’s finest, TALIA, released her debut EP ‘headrush’ on April 2nd. TALIA establishes her transformative sound through her fluidity of genres and love for indie and alternative pop spaces. These seven tracks lead the listener through variations of sonic worlds masterfully crafted by this blossoming songwriter. With elements of alternative, rock, R&B and bedroom-pop TALIA defies expectations in polished narratives on expressing every emotion that comes to her.

The project ebbs and flows into many spaces. From the scenic tranquility of “hyde park,” a love letter to London, to the evocative R&B/alternative “HML,” to the hollow desolation of “colder,” each track serves its own purpose. According to TALIA this EP is “A place of introspection and reflection. I rediscovered my appreciation for all the experiences that have brought me to where I am today.” While each song may experiment with different elements, they all cohesively blend in an impressive debut. 


Check out the music video for “hyde park” here!

About the ArtistTALIA

As a black woman and artist TALIA expresses the importance of not being boxed in sonically and the importance of having the freedom in exploring any genre she chooses. Not only does she find her own space musically but lyrically the album’s thesis is on TALIA’s right to feel. She explains, “with these words, I hope I can create space for people who feel their voices have been minimized or silenced. I know that feeling as a Black woman. Black women do not have the space to be vulnerable. There is an expectation for Black culture to carry society forward with little regard to the silencing we face. My music is a place where I can feel those emotions because I had to fight for the space to have them in the first place.”

At the beginning of this year, TALIA was closing in on a career in acting, but when COVID-19 shut that door, the door to music opened wider. With acting, she realized, she could still hide — behind a character or a script. But with songwriting, she discovered a state of “complete vulnerability” that she ardently sought. Through self-discovery and pure talent, TALIA continues to carve her space in the music industry.  

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