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Singles That Give Us a Taste of Albums to Come

When it comes to music, artists are always searching for that one song that will become a hit and also gives listeners a taste of what the theme of their album will be until its release. This process usually isn’t perfect – some artists may release four or five singles before the drop if the responses aren’t as expected or instilling fan thoughts of, “This is gonna be a good one!”
But, we’re talking about Lorde & Lana Del Rey in this case. And as of today, I’m expecting growth and a departure from both artists who may provide a memorable first listen.

We “Love” Lana Del Rey

On February 18th, Lana Del Rey released “Love,” from upcoming album Lust for Life. The song opens with a simple hum of a vibraphone, and a bass guitar flowing with Lana’s voice as she pauses for a bit while the drums and the rest of the atmosphere fills our ears with hope. The song speaks for people who don’t seem to care about anything despite any hardships,“It’s enough to make you go crazy, crazy, crazy…” Lana reassures the feelings of love, making simple actions seem so so ordinary, they seem peculiar; getting dressed to go nowhere, clocking in, breathing. So long as you have that person by your side, “Don’t worry baby…”
The title of the song and its overall vibe may fit in line with Lana’s upcoming album. One can only think it’ll be more of a mix of her debut release Born to Die, but less gritty than Ultraviolence. Lana maintains her consistent (lauded as cinematic, even the video is a mini movie with its own poster) sound but with a name and direction reading optimistic and just in time for some cozy feels and warm breezes.

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