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Gen-Z Sister Band with 227 MILLION Views on TikTok!

Described by VARIETY as an “All-Female Band Blowing Up on TikTok”, the K3 SISTERS BAND is a group of three Dallas-born sisters Kaylen (20), Kelsey (19), and Kristen (16) who have struck it big on the platform, amassing a quarter BILLION views and 36 MILLION likes on TikTok alone!! Recently selected to be part of TikTok’s “Billion Dollar Creator Fund” due to their influence, the musically talented sisters have found a niche performing harmonic melodies inspired by Harry Potter. They also write and perform their own music for a weekly LIVE show on their YouTube channel every Saturday at 11am PT / 2pm ET.  Here is the K3 Sisters Band title track from their brand-new LIVE album titled “My Time.”

In just a year, the K3 Sisters Band has exploded across TikTok and social media, with Teens and Tweens alike falling in love with the girl’s beautiful songwriting and lyrics, funny original videos, and amazing cos-play costumes. But it’s not just Gen-Z who has taken notice, FORBES, GOOD MORNING AMERICA and VARIETY have all featured the girls, hailing them as the future of music for their fortitude to use TikTok and social media to release their own original content. Having performed LIVE at venues large and small for years, the girls were ready to keep their fans entertained when stay-at-home orders hit due to COVID19. They set up their own home stage and began streaming live weekly shows on their YouTube channel. Heavily influenced by folk rock legends like Crosby, Stills & Nash, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young, the girls have added their own ‘girl power’ twist to their music, with elements of folk pop, Celtic, country, and rock. True hippies at heart, the girls released their most recent LIVE album “Earth Day 2020” in April which celebrates nature and Mother Earth with hits like “Cotton Candy Sky” and “California Redwood.” Most recently, as an ode to their Harry Potter loving fans, they released the single “Queen Bellatrix”.

K3 SISTERS BANDWith parents deeply rooted in the entertainment industry, and a lineage of four generations (on both sides!) of musicians, music and performing was in their blood from the start. Each sister began studying the Suzuki method of violin at the age of 4, instantly falling in love with instruments and learning how to sing. The girls started performing together at family gatherings, which soon led to local elementary school shows for kids their own age. Before long they were booking even bigger festivals and shows in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, including Six Flags Over Texas, the Great Wolf LodgeDallas Arboretum, the Tyler, Texas Rose Festival, and the North Park Dallas Mall, honing and refining their skills to perform for large crowds.

People started noticing the girls, and while they received mostly positive reviews and comments from fans, they also got their first taste of online trolls who began posting negative comments on their social pages. This crushed them. But over time, they imagined what it must be like for other people, including their growing fan base, to get hateful comments as well. This led the whole band to formulate their motto known as #k3motto which has become more than a personal coping mechanism of focus and empowerment, it is a rallying call that has empowered and uplifted their fans as well. Many, many comments from fans on their social media attest to the life changing motto that stands up to bullies. They additionally wrote an anti-bullying song “Sticks and Stones” which has garnered thousands of views on YouTube.

K3 SISTERS BANDThe girls had now perfected performing in larger festival settings, but began resenting being rushed on/off stage quickly with sound engineers dismissing them over their technical requirements due to their multitude of instruments they had each set. So, they got creative. They began learning and teaching themselves about sound systems and soon acquired a new wireless prototype technology to run their own sound from their iPads and iPhones on stage. Before long they had perfected running the sound system professionally. This gave rise to the next chapter of their career, the K3 Sisters Coffee House Tour, where they partnered with Guitar Center to perform intimate coffee house shows while also giving away new guitars to disadvantaged youth at performances. By the time the coffee house tours ended, the girls knew how to run sound on any stage for themselves, and their own unique sound requirements to produce a great live listening experience.

In the winter of 2019, they began to refocus their power and energy online where they could develop a larger national and international fan base, with LIVE performances across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Soon their TikTok blew up when people discovered that they were not only musicians but also cos-players and actresses honing their acting skills on short skit videos, especially ones centered around Harry Potter. This led to a quarter billion international views on TikTok in less than a year! Now many international brands have reached out to them looking to book them for endorsements and campaigns, but the girls have made a conscious decision to remain true to their brand and only work with other brands that are an organic fit, such as the recent videos they did with K-SWISS who just launched a “Harry Potter” inspired line of shoes. The videos have already received millions of views in just a few days, a true testament to their rising influence.

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